The JFK Presidential Library says that all health and birth data for JFK are closed.  OK, so that is off limits, but do they have thing better than the birth certificate released when he entered the US Navy for World War II.? If so, what would be that horoscope for President? Alas, that idea was a no go, though they do have the birth certificate on display.

Read more: JFK : A delayed birth certificate gives a 15:00 time based on Jack’s “memory” and is rated an A by Lois Rodden.  Rather amusing is his father’s occupation of “banker” and not “bootlegger,” but by then Joseph Kennedy sr. was in FDR’s cabinet as Ambassador to England and so it was obviously sanitized. That is an ongoing problem with charts for politicos — the information on them is sparse and often, at least initially, misleading. It is only over time, and more probing, that things come to light. US AG Bill Barr’s chart is one that fits that category, but then again so does Bill and Hillary Clinton’s –his was rectified by an astrologer — and over the years Joe Biden’s details have officially changed.

No matter what anyone claims about astrology, based on the lack of a real birth certificate, remember Barack Obama’s issue of Where is the Birth Certificate he was so tardy in reproducing one? — it seems in reality they all believe and thus are wary. How else can you explain it?

Back to Jack

Despite the late release of Jack’s birth certificate, it’s all we have, so we will use that date and time.  This time, 3 in the afternoon, gives Kennedy 20 degree Libra Ascendant by rectifying his location to his exact home address at 83 Beals Street, Brookline, Massachusetts, now a US National Historic Site, instead of the Brookline hospital which is what my research most use.

The house that Jack built. JFK was born here on May 29 1917. It is now a US Historic Site.

Viewing the Chart

He has little fire in his chart,  but Neptune in the Tenth House right next to the Midheaven, suggesting he was a dreamer about the president’s role for his country and there is no doubt that is his dream of the NASA space program and the great race to the Moon. The low fire may also be tagged with his suffering from Addison’s disease, that affects the adrenal glands and adrenaline.

Saturn rules the adrenal glands with an aspect to Libra that President Kennedy has:  his Saturn is at the Tenth House Cusp and is square his First House (Libra ruled by Mercury) Ascendant.  Saturn rules Capricorn, found on the fourth house cusp, but just his Part of Fortune lies therein, at 29 Capricorn 22 and that at the very last degree. 

jfk delayed.png
His bucket with an Uranian handle in the fourth, shows one how well he got along with the media, but also his vociferous attacks against Cuba and the Soviet Union and then Viet Nam and China. Kennedy was early on the lookout, after Eisenhower dropping the ball when China invaded Tibet, of the Communist China menace. He and LBJ were also the last Democrats to feel that way.

Behind the part of fortune

It has the Sabian Symbol of a “Secret Business Council” in a mahogany paneled and magnificently furnished room suggesting the hidden forces that perpetuate the self forward. Negatively, and since its ruler Saturn is opposite it, tells of the massing of inner potential in an emergency. Could this be the closeted tete-a-tete for the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion?

Mrs. Roche calls it a “Power Play,” while Dr. Gordon “a degree of commanders, leaders and presidents.”  He writes that while Saturn in the Tenth House indicates aspiration and accomplishment (Kennedy’s Saturn is on the Tenth House Cusp) it is also unlucky for anyone who tries to thwart him.

Charubel says that 30 Capricorn is an “arrow in flight” and has an aspiring and ambitious nature impelled by the strength of a force behind him (his father Joe P)  for the attainment of high or long-term projects.  That fits as becoming President is not a sudden whimsy — it takes long determined planning.  Charubel states that “heredity and training count for more than what is usual in this case by ultimately it is a degree of “decline.”

The Kennedy Assassination Papers

There are a billion theories out there why and who killed Kennedy. President Trump mentioned this one during his campaign.

In the meantime, Trump said he would release the Kennedy papers aka the Warren Commission findings, but the UK Independent has a different story.   The Dallas Morning News, one must scroll all the way down on the first page of their website to find it,  thinks that the CIA may try for a last ditch injunction against releasing the data.  We believe the suppression of the data will succeed for there are too many people (the Bush family implication is rather suspect and there are many older Americans who always hated George sr. for it) who are still alive.

While waiting for the news to break, get a hold of Who’s Who In The JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia and get familiar with the characters, or peruse the Mary Ferrell Foundation site and draw some of your own conclusions.  The papers, btw, are supposed to be released on Mrs. Ferrell’s birthday.

That did not happen.

Download JFK birth data

Notes: This was originally posted on Sabian Earth, October 25 , 2017, in remembrance of the horrific assassination of President Kennedy.