With the Omricon Variant rearing its head, it makes sense that we can view the 4 December eclipse from Capetown, South Africa, since it supposedly comes from there. Perhaps the rumour is true, you never know. The news could be right once in a while, like the proverbial stalled clock. With Venus in the twelfth house, Omricon will make more headway with governments looking to use it to further their agenda as a weapon of fear for their populace’s health.

The Achilles heel to this pipedream is Neptune exalted in Pisces in the second — the previous lockdown is still affecting the economy with shortages in stores (Uranus square Saturn) and with empty aisles everywhere, and the fear that Christmas will be cancelled like Newsom did last year in California waving the Omricon banner may not be as easy or lucrative. My recommendation? Ignore the news and a have a Merry Christmas: there is nothing in the ninth but fear.