Goya ran into some trouble this past week when its president endorsed President Trump. Looking at its chart, Goya is a conservative company supporting its traditional Hispanic market (see Pluto conjunct Venus in the tenth). Ceres in the fourth shows how strongly the company takes providing nutritional food to its consumers. Even its Part of Fortune at 17 Gemini 57 i.e. Gemini 18 Two Latin men speaking Spanish is a symbol of everyday exclusivity strengthened not by intellectual distinctiveness but by cultural cooperation. The keyword is Difference and represents the mobilization of the self for greater objectives.

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Goya is a Splash Temperament Type with a Grand Trine in Fire from Jupiter in the fourth to Saturn in the eighth to Neptune in the twelfth house. This heavily supports the Goya founders’ concern about their consumers losing their cultural heritage in great onslaught of the American experience and culture. As for its name, incredibly Asteroid Goya (for the painter and our header shot) is partile Neptune in the twelfth house. Oh Boya.

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