NASA’s first interplanetary launch from the West Coast occurred “shortly after 4 a.m  on May 5, 2018.”

InSight’s primary mission is to understand what makes Mars like Earth and to advance the search for planets inhabitable by humans. Looking at the chart, do you think they will succeed ?

Based on this chart being a lipped bowl, we say No.  It will not find life on Mars, but it will find lots of data both for the spacecraft and the geological makeup of the planet.  Pluto in the twelfth suggests this trip is necessary for us to unleash our wishes and dreams of potentiality that a space program gives.  The preponderance of Pisces planets, sextile to Pluto, support that the search for intelligent life, is also a need for us to learn new things and explore our universe.

While the craft will find nothing, it will allow us to strike out in new directions, Mars in the eleventh, and fuel speculation because with the Moon in the ninth, we need new goals to keep us awake & understand our relationship to the galaxy.

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