The time is from the BBC news site where you can watch this video to get an idea of the devastation of the dust storm. It is mesmerizing to watch such havoc.

The Chart above looks colourful but understanding the key makes it coherent. Start with the Opposition from the fourth house to the winds and fears of the ninth and Sagittarius. This storm happened quickly, coming upon the populace while they were sleeping and dreaming, perhaps though fitfully.

Without warning Mars in the tenth at Capricorn ushers in a series of hard hitting planets, first gaining force from Pluto right next down who picks up the skeletons of the earth (sands) and tosses them to Vesta who stokes up the fires and makes the 100 degree heat become oppressive like an inferno.

Sands pelts and now those dreams become nightmares. Those who can run, do, but Pallas next to Venus near the fourth house cusp, makes for confusion of where is safety. From that blue circle hitch a ride to the turquoise sextile one on the right and notice that another intensifier of Ceres (11 Leo) is also  sextile Jupiter (via the brown line) that gives effusive madness and yet a dilatory langour as all the air is sucked out of the area.

On one side Jupiter is swirling and spreading sand, sextile the preponderance of Cardinal Capricorn letting rip, and on the other, Jupiter is on the eighth-ninth house cusp creating death with  old Jove opposite the Sun in Taurus in the third house creates another t-cross of pandemonium.

Follow the colours — shades of blue are in agreement as are tones of gold, but they don’t get along with one another. As there are a lot of slow moving planets involved and a lazy Sun, in this resourceful Eastern-based bowl that works upon the populace (eleventh house mayhem opposite Ceres who favours dirt) like a two-edged sword.  Perhaps this is her prelude to her traditional  Ambarvalia later this month?

rajasthan dust storm.pdf

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