Sunday February 11, 2018

  1. Sun sextile Eris 10:38AM EST,
  2. Sun conjunct asteroid Hygeia 12:13PM EST,
  3. Mercury parallel Jupiter 2:10PM EST,
  4. Venus parallel Apollon 6:44PM EST,
  5. Mars quincunx Kronos 8:47PM EST
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Read more: 2018 The week of February 11th in Raleigh

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday

  • Monday February 12, 2018
    • opposes Transpluto 4:33AM EST,
    • Mercury trine Zeus 6:03AM EST,
      • and conjunct Astraea 11:22AM EST
      • and parallel asteroid Vesta 12:53PM EST,
      • Mercury parallel South Node 11:40PM EST
    • Sun sextile Neptune
    • Moon sextile Mercury
      • and square Uranus
    • Admetos stations direct 8:03AM EST,
    • Venus parallel asteroid Hygeia 4:41PM EST,
      • and trine Apollon 7:56PM EST,
    • Juno enters sidereal Aquarius 5:13PM EST,
    • Mars parallel Pluto 5:56PM EST,

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Tuesday February 13, 2018

  • Neptune square asteroid Vesta 3:15AM EST,
  • Saturn opposes Hades 6:47AM EST,
  • Uranus sextile asteroid Juno 10:23AM EST,
  • Sun enters Aquarius 1:15PM EST,
  • Mercury square Jupiter 5:38PM EST,
  • Sun sextile Uranus 9:22PM EST
  • Mercury parallel Poseidon 11:31PM EST

Valentine’s Day

  • Wednesday February 14, 2018
    • Mercury sextile Eris 00:10AM EST,
    • Uranus contra-parallel Juno 00:22AM EST,
    • Sun conjunct Juno 5:44AM EST,
    • Jupiter parallel Pallas 10:05AM EST,
    • Mercury conjunct Hygeia 5:36PM EST

Thursday February 15, 2018

  • Venus contra-parallel Transpluto 3:52AM EST,
  • Mercury enters sidereal Aquarius 4:48AM EST,
  • Mercury sextile Uranus 10:07AM EST,
  • Venus trine Hades 1:36PM EST,
  • Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon 4:05PM at 27°Aq07′,
  • Sun parallel Apollon 10:23PM EST

Friday February 16, 2018

  • Mercury conjunct asteroid Juno 1:12AM EST,
  • Mercury parallel Astraea 6:35PM EST,
  • Hygeia enters sidereal Aquarius 9:46PM EST

Saturday February 17, 2018

  • Venus quincunx Ceres 00:54AM EST,
  • Mars square Neptune 6:20AM EST,
  • Sun conjunct Mercury 7:27AM EST,
  • Mercury square Admetos 5:12PM EST,
  • Neptune trine Poseidon 5:31PM EST,
  • Mercury sextile Cupido 5:32PM EST,
    • and quincunx Vulcanus 9:02PM EST,
  • Mercury enters tropical Pisces 11:28PM EST

Sunday February 18, 2018

  1. Sun square Admetos 1AM EST
    1. and sextile Cupido 1:45AM EST,
  2. Uranus sextile Hygeia 5:02AM EST,
  3. Sun quincunx Vulcanus 7:48AM EST,
  4. Venus contra-parallel Uranus 8:48AM EST,
  5. Sun enters Pisces 12:19PM EST,
  6. Venus trine Kronos 6:48PM EST,
  7. Mars sextile South Node 7:41PM EST,
  8. Mercury opposes Transpluto 10:04PM EST

On February 15 2018 4:05PM EST there is a Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) at 27 Aquarius 07′ in the tropical Zodiac from the 150 Saros series of which there are 142 eclipses taking place from August 24 1729 (1 Virgo) to June 30 3275 (9 Capricorn) so it’s a fairly new series.  There is no Full Moon this month.

Below is a visual showing the first few of the eclipses in this series.  There was an eclipse at the same location in the zodiac on February 16 1999 from the 140 Saros series.  Notable stations at this same location:

  1. Saturn retrograde June 6 1728,
  2. Jupiter retrogrades: June 15 2009,June 16 1926, June 15 1760,June 16 1843, June 15 1677

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