Do inaugurations matter?

We have not done previous inaugurations, though perhaps we should, but we are starting with President Trump’s, noting certain things we find particularly stand out.


We cannot say whether a president’s inauguration sets the tempo for a president’s whole four years, at least not yet, but certain things strike us with this one.

Southern Hemisphere concerns

Donald Trump was inaugurated on Capitol Hill on January 20, 2017 at precisely 12 noon. The first the blue circle highlights that moment with 14 Taurus, is a good omen for someone who wants to put America back to work.  The Hyperion symbol suggests a “Patriarch at the foot of a mountain, ” a nice wordplay on the Father of our Country, and Kent McClung writes this symbol suggests a “crisis of real leadership” and here we are celebrating the discovery of the solution.

The southern hemisphere red stellium in the eleventh house tells us that President Trump has every intention of making good his promises to his “friends, neighbors and countrymen” who voted for him and with Chiron right in the middle at 21 Pisces 48 he will ignore all the “Siren Singers” around him that try to dissuade (Venusian charm or Neptune’s laws and edits)  or stop him (via a rather aggressive judicial law at 24 Pisces 22)

Mars, is indeed an interesting point on the chart. At 24 Pisces 22 it is a degree of a “central repository for guidance.” Typically I would association it with the various news medias and judiciaries in the country, but could it be the Intelligence wing of the government too? I am not sure about that but the symbol makes me think of them also. Whatever it is pointing too, perhaps all of the above, winning an election is one thing, doing what you promised with lots of temptation and\or blockage is another.

Northern Hemisphere concerns

Moving to the northern hemisphere of the chart, the Moon, a green circle, suggests that Trump will have to battle a lot of fears, including his own of getting America back to work. There are lots of worries and concerns about how deeply entrenched the Empire mentality is within the country, and also with the Moon, how much people make money off it and not people not working particularly since Jupiter is nearby.

While the Moon is too far to be in opposition to Uranus, Jupiter is not, and the aspect suggests there will be lots of sorrow and betrayals within his own Administration. Trump cannot take much for granted. Uranus in the twelfth, also has a strange connotation of “confinements” because of strange and sudden health problems. We certainly hope that is not the President’s, but what it is referring to, I am not sure. I cannot see how it would refer to the country’s.

This chart has a rim opposition between Uranus in the twelfth and Jupiter in the sixth houses.

Success or Failure

Will he succeed?  Based on this chart, the Part of Fortune at 22 Aquarius 31 (pink circle at the top)  has the Hyperion symbol of the “Koran upraised” suggests justifying his mandate will be challenged, by that very Moon, those working against his leading, by festering their own set of fears and fostering their own agenda. Change is always a fearsome thing, and while Obama promised “hope and change” quite honestly I thought a lot of his Administration just a continuance of the previous Bush one and was rather disappointed.

So will President Trump’s promise of “draining the swamp” end up the same as other politicos who promise much and deliver nothing? Precedent, suggests yes, but the lord of the chart, the leader of 14 Taurus, and the T-Cross between Jupiter and Uranus at Pluto 17 Capricorn 37 (the valedictorian) say others, and he well be the change his voters want.

Those notables with a 9+ Scorpio, the Moon in our chart, are actor Will Smith, Mila Kunis, the discovery of Uranus, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  Iceland, Rev. M. L. King assassin James Earl Ray.


This essay was updated with a downloadable chart and an audio text. Also updated was a picture of the President at the inauguration, for some reason that was never done. c. 11-18-2020

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