It burst upon the scene like lighting — the Weinstein Company routinely required sexual indulgences from its starlets.I was driving to Saginaw when I heard the news at a gas station in Ohio around 12 noon, so that’s the time I picked for the chart. 

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News was scanty but the gist was Ronan Farrow had the mighty Harvey Weinstein dead to rites for demanding sexual favours from Hollywood actresses for good spots in his movies — a bizarre twist on the payola scandal of the 1950s (that was radio and music companies paid for play). It was the news that weekend and continued to rivet the nation for weeks to come.

Ronan, Harvey and the chart

The chart has 13 Sagittarius for its lord. Interesting because Ronan’s Moon is at 13, obviously reflecting how his mother, Mia Farrow’s relationship in with his father, Woody Allen specifically and Hollywood in general. This gives us some idea that the idea of “sex for play” has been in Hollywood for a while and been brewing in his mind, but all those guys are dead and long forgotten so of no use. But then searching for someone socially relevant, Ronan hit upon Harvey — that’s good investigative reporting.

To support this, we will look at the socially generation planets in the October 6 2020 date.

First off, Uranus and Neptune semi-square, a minor aspect but still not in harmony highlighting how the news (third house) is unveiling the unique creativity of the Weinstein Companies are built upon the exploitation of women (in the ninth house Mars and Venus are conjunct).  The last socially significant planet of the three is Pluto, and he’s hovering in the second making their profits look like it was based on a prostitution ring of beauty benefiting the beast (the earth Grand Trine).

The nodes of the 10-22-19 chart though work right into Farrow’s twelfth and sixth houses of what is buried and ignored in the workplace while his Chiron is in the seventh house of respecting others. It’s hard to say how this will play out — but Neptune in Pisces in the third tells us this will be long discovery process with lots of victims (opposite Venus who is exalted in Pisces) and the media won’t let go of a good tale. This is one story they should ride.

As for Ronan? We think a Pulitzer is in order. Six months later in April, he got one.


This post was updated on March 27 2020 to reflect Ronan Farrow’ chart from the Mountain Astrologer and Farrow’s Pulitzer.