American actress, Rose McGowan, on Thursday night, October 4, 2017, stated what she has long suggested that “HW raped me.” “HW” was apparently in reference to Harvey Weinstein.It came as claims that Weinstein sexually abused an unnamed actress in London were being investigated by Scotland Yard.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, McGowan addressed Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and said that she had repeatedly told an Amazon Studios executive “HW raped me” but that Amazon disbelieved her saying that there was no proof.

                                     McGowan said: “I am the proof.”

This is the story as it erupted last week that The New York Times, though heavily toned down, broke after years of hiding other such stories that were leaked to it. It seems that the tipping point was that Scotland Yard was involved as this UK Telegraph story report for unlike others, McGowan, was playing hardball and putting her career on the line.   


Pluto conjunct his South node at the Ascendant was a giveaway that something was wrong. Its opposite to Venus suggests foul play but the North Node near Venus tells us they will keep their mouth shut like good little girls for the opportunity. And then Mars at 18 Scorpio 17

Harvey: the Early Years

flushing general
from Flushing General’s archives c. 1950

Harvey Weinstein is the eldest of two sons born to Max and Miriam Weinstein in Flushing, Queens, New York on March 19, 1952. If true, he was probably born in Flushing General Hospital as was his brother, Robert aka Bob, who followed two years later.

We chose Virgo 1 as Harvey Weinstein’s Ascendant. “Starkman” on rectified Harvey’s ascendant to 24+ Leo.  Using the Morinus House Method that  happens to be Harvey’s first house. We find that that first degree of Virgo, highlighting a friendly and sociable nature works well for Harvey W. as does the admonition that “if given to too much indulgence of earthly pleasure, there is a great danger that the native will morally & physically degenerate.”


The Weinstein Boys created their first company Miramax in Buffalo, New York, in 1979 as the two went to SUNY (State University of New York) School there and probably negotiated some tax breaks for their company between the city and the school. Making films though takes money and this is where their parents came in— their father Max was a former diamond cutter in the notoriously closed Diamond District on East 47th Side, and probably like most in that Orthodox area salted it all away living as they did in the rent subsidized Elechester and going by subway to work. In their talks, the boys downplay this but looking at our rectified horoscope, both Neptune and Saturn is in the Second House of Family Resources. Diamonds btw are made of Saturnine coal.

Neptune the patron of earthquakes is conjunct the planet of mining and rare minerals, as well as the historical marker of the father. This all comes beautifully together in the Weinstein chart as diamonds situated in glamorous Libra. Opposite that set is Mercury and Jupiter in the Eighth suggesting that their parents spared no expense for the boys and spoiled them rotten. That pairing in Harvey’s horoscope has a point focus (the short leg of the two oppositions) at Uranus 10 in the Eleventh House of fans, women and publicity but Uranus is a disruptive force and not particularly at home in peaceful Cancer particularly when it is also opposite Cancer’s  natural Ruler, the Moon, across the map in cold Capricorn.

26diamonds1 superjumbo v3
The Diamond District on East 47th St.

That aspect does not portend well for Harvey:  his Moon in the Fifth House, naturally ruled by Leo, here is in its fall but also hints at the plethora of girls he has used. This setup suggests that Harvey has some karmic problems with women because of his relationship with his mother —  most likely distant and harsh. 

Thus in in his personal life has lots of women to manage and control and get some karmic revenge against Mommy, but it never works out so easily.

With Uranus across from the Moon , this duo does not “manage” well particularly as it links into a mutable Grand Cross, and that unfortunately takes advantage of people in subordinate positions because it can.

                       Aquarian Fair Play

 In Harvey’s case, if he had used his Seventh House of partnerships favorably, things maybe different, but the South Node (always opposite the North) is exact to his Virgo 1 Ascendant and hints that he resents his family’s largesse and would destroy himself so as not to be beholden to them. 

This is supported by Pluto in the Twelfth House square his Midheaven.  That women should be the instrument of this downfall is shown by the Yod from Venus at 05 Pisces (exalted here) to the Moon in Cancer (in its fall) with the apex at Pluto in the Twelfth.  The Head of that Yod is in the Sixth House of Work and Labor in Aquarius a sign of humanitarianism and fair play.                  

               KARMA REALLY is a WITCH

 Joan Kellogg in her Yod Book suggests that this setup tells us that Harvey needed to come clean and create his own karma because living this lie was slowly eating away at him so perhaps he took bolder and more risqué chances with women or with younger women who were not as easily bought off – the amounts paid are ludicrous in comparison to what Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes did i.e. 150G to several million.

Looking at the Transit chart of when the story broke around 11 pm Los Angeles Time, the transiting South Node (karma) was on the Seventh House cusp ( partners and other people) highlighting that Harvey had gone a bit too far in his cry for help.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas five weeks ago and devastated Houston.  It seems now at least one Harvey is getting some payback.

                          The Diamond District Lingo

 Unless otherwise noted, all non-English terms are Yiddish or are derived from Yiddish and are rendered using the transliteration system developed by the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.


  • Carat or CT · A carat (200 milligrams) is divided into both 100 points and four grains.
    • A “20-pointer” weighs one-fifth of a carat (or 40 milligrams), and a “six-grainer” weighs 1.5 carats (or 300 milligrams).
    • Dealers say “light” to indicate weights shy of a common fraction; a “light-half” can weigh from 0.45 to 0.49 carats.
  • Rough · Uncut and unpolished stones.
  • Strop · A stone that won’t sell; a bad buy. Some dealers are anxious to unload their strops, even at a loss, to release capital or just to dispose of a dud.
    • Others reckon that strops are not actually costing them anything, so they let them “sit in the back of the safe,”
    • Sometimes forgotten stones surge back into fashion, hence  “People get rich on strops.”
  • Khazeray · Junk; trash.
  • Mame-zitser · “Mother sitter”; a very large diamond.
  • Fir-kantike eyer · “Four-cornered eggs”; an impossible request; a stone (or price) that doesn’t exist.
    • “If you’re looking for fir-kantike eyer — go down to the Smithsonian and ask them for one
  • A bluff  · An impressive looking (bluffy) diamond that is not as valuable as it appears.


  • The most significant phrase on the street, and perhaps in the global trade as well , is the term mazl un brokhe — “good luck and a blessing” — which is commonly abbreviated to “mazl.”
    • It is hard to overstate the power of this oral handshake, which seals million-dollar deals without lawyers, witnesses or contracts.
    • In “making mazl,” diamantaires stake their honor (and that of their family) on the deal.  “It’s as good as gold.”

You can read the rest here.

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