Paul Clancy, published in 1940 Opera Diva Maria Jeritza’s chart.

Marc  Edmund Jones, a good friend, took it and put it in his 1000 in toto.  Scouting around, I found the New York Times obit, which cast no light on her, and gave no help.  I searched on.  Finally on, I read a beautiful obit by an admirer and could see the original flaws to the Clancy chart, and rectified her chart accordingly.

The rectification

To ensure I was correct, I progressed and solar arc’d her new birth chart to her demise on July 8, 1982 in Newark, New Jersey.  First, I local meaned her birth time to 6:56 and subtracted an hour since the progressions were fast.  This chart makes more sense and has a lot to recommend it.

First, here’s a bit on YouTube where Miss Jeritza performs Guiseppe Verdi’s Aida.  There are other performances by her there also, and all make for very nice listening.

FILM: Maria Jeritza – Ritorna vincitor [Aida] – 1933 (CORRECT PITCH) – YouTube

The New York Times Archives

While the New York Times obits had little to say about Mimi, their archies were a wealth of information.                                “The flamboyant soprano was born in Moravia, made her early career primarily in Vienna, where her exceptional beauty, silvery spinto-weight voice and flair for dramatic (not to say sensational) stage action made her a star of the first magnitude. Baptized Mimi Jedlitzkov√° and later calling herself Marie Jedlitzka, she sang a wide repertory and participated in the premieres of several important operas. Her glamorous presence was as welcome at the Metropolitan Opera as it was in Europe, she became a leading artist there in the 1920s”  ………New York times archives

The Moravian warbler

Miss Jerritza came from Moravia, the traditional heartland of central Europe, and considered Europe’s breadbasket. Historically it was the center of a major medieval kingdom, Greater Moravia. It has many mythic denotations of paradise because it is sheltered from strong winds, hurricanes and wild weather.

In the 11th Century Moravia was incorporated into the kingdom of Bohemia. Then in the 20th century Moravia became part of the modern state of Czechoslovakia, and in the 1990’s after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Eastern blok, it like Bohemia became part the Czech Republic. Zooming thru Google Maps, I could find nothing in her hometown, or country for that matter, honouring the diva’s achievements.


The Astrological Underpinnings

First her most aspected planet is the Moon, which is typical for artists.  The 7 am one, had little to favour it and I could not find anything that was highly aspected.  That’s a problem right off and was the first clue that the chart was probably incorrect.   Next, in the rectified chart, her least aspected planet is Mercury, which fits her repulsion against vinyl recordings and her lack of business sense.  Also in the rectified chart, Lilith is in the seven house, showing how unfortunate she was in marriage.

Her ascendant of 09 Libra 56 gets the symbol of A lovely garden of flowers.  Charubel writes it denotes a person of good taste, fine sensibilities and admirer of nature, but she is unable to appreciate the ruder variations.  He adds, that while she is admires the tiny springs from a fountain on the lawn, she meanwhile is repelled by the roar of Niagara.  He gives no keywords, but Sepharial claims this is the symbol of a “caged bird who sings”  and gives her the keyword of “Seclusion.”

The close conjunction between Neptune and the Moon in Gemini is striking at 30 Taurus (a peacock parading on a verdant lawn) suggests not only perfect pitch, but a kind warm-hearted woman who could portray the composer’s characters with sensitivity and sympathy.  While this also makes her fickle, and tempestuous, such flighty behavior has been always been attributed to the operatic diva.

She is a Southern Based bowl, all extroversion that feeds of the South Node on the cusp of the fifth at 15 Aquarius 51 because she develops friendships and alliances with like minded people (in her case composer Richard Strauss).

The Asteroid Connections

Her Chiron, 02 Cancer 13, is in the ninth house, and thus trine to her North Node. That is a good indicator of her musical talents and also reiterates her musical relationship with Strauss, but when Chiron is in Cancer it shows musical talent.

Asteroid Pandora at 4 Virgo is square Pluto at 4 Gemini and semisextile her ascendant but square Mercury. This setup unleashes all the exciting qualities of Pandora’s box, as well as its unfortunate ones, as Miss Jerritza discovered. It suggests that her success will leads her far from her home and family (as does the asteroids Tantalus promising success just around the corner trine Odysseus, Leo & Sagittarius 29 respectively near the dreams and talents of her Moon) but foretell also poor alliances (Chiron sextile at 03 Cancer supporting Lilith) for she was married three time and had no children.

Her Jones lines

  1. Her Line of Vitality (her inner desire) is absent.
  2. Her Line of Efficiency (daily living) is absent.  This makes sense because of her lack of aspects to Mercury though this aspect measures the relationship between Mars and Venus, still since they are all close enough a lack with one of them would impact this aspect.
  3. Her Line of Motivation (her physical impact) is square or challenging.
    1. This suggests a problem with self-awareness.  This aspect is the one constant from the original 7 am chart and probably suggests why she was hostile to other performers; she did not see her own abilities clearly enough not to be over protective of them.  Despite her fans adulation, Miss Jeritza always thought of herself as the “emperor with no clothes” and thus could not fully understand their love and respect.
  4. Her Line of Culture (her interaction with contemporary technology) is absent, naturally enough.

Jeritza original

Maria Jeritza opera diva

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