WordPress is no longer supporting Twitter feeds.  I guess to reach those subscribers I will have to double post.  Here’s the post: https://jetpack.com/blog/the-end-of-twitter-auto-sharing/

Our header picture is of Automattic HQ in San Francisco.

Below is the chart for the split for the date of the announcement.  It is from WordPress’s, actually Automattic,  location though Twitter’s headquarters are also in Frisco so the chart works as a good proxy for both companies, depending upon whose point of view you want to take.  Tesla, the other Musk owned company,  has  since relocated to Austin Texas.

WordPress and Twitter split

It has an ascendant of 11 Cancer 56, or 12 Cancer lending the chart the symbol of “magnetism.”  As a  rimless bowl, the ruling symbol coupled with its planetary pattern show how  much WP is dependent on currying favour with its big corporate donors who probably consider Musk either a threat or dislike the “open post” of the new Twitter.  Since the Part of Fortune is in Gemini, I suspect both.

The chart has a preponderance in Taurus in the eleventh house of fans and publicity, but a Part of Fortune  30 Gemini, that E.C. Matthews calls “hypocrisy.” It is semi-sextile Mars at 30 Cancer.

C’est la guerre.

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