Joe Biden has taken aim at Donald Trump in an energetic first speech after announcing his re-election campaign, where he asked voters to let him “finish the job” as president. His bid makes him the oldest presidential candidate in US history. 

Mr Biden made his pitch to union officials in a speech in a Washington hotel, promising a “blue-collar blueprint” as he touted his mega-billion economic agenda.

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He attacked his predecessor Mr Trump’s economic record, accusing his administration of massively increasing the US debt and putting America on the course of ruin. The US president warned that Mr Trump and other “MAGA” Republicans posed a “threat”, and “my God, we’ve got to fight like hell”.

Mr Biden, 80, said: “Now we’ve just got to keep it going, finish the job.”

The phrase, which he used several times during his State of the Union address in February, appears to be his new campaign slogan. If he wins re-election Mr Biden, already the oldest ever US president, would be 82 at his second inauguration, and 86 when he leaves office.

Mr Trump has already declared his third presidential bid, putting the country on course for a re-match of the 2020 presidential race. ——from the UK Telegraph.    But the question Celestiology asks, is whether Kamala is part of the winning hand?  The Sabian die give us the response of Cancer 10 which has the keyword of “nurture” and shows the picture of an albatross feeding from the hand.  Perhaps that is symbol enough.

Corrections & Updates: The original post was changed on Arbor Day, April 28th, as the original progression posted was incorrect.

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