Mac Davis was a pop-country crossover musical artist in the 1970s-1980s. He died on Tuesday in Nashville at 78 years old. He wrote two big hits for Elvis Presley, most notably “In the Ghetto”, and “A little less conversation” both which gave him a big boost in his fledging career.

After that he penned for Kenny Rogers before finally getting a number 1 hit of his own with “Baby Don’t Get Hooked on Me.” His long time manager and good friend, Jim Morey, released the information saying Mac death was a result of the complications of Mr. Davis’s recent heart surgery.

Something’s Burning

Kenny Rogers and the Kenny Rogers and the First Edition was the first successful country-pop group in the late 60’s with their “Ruby Don’t take your Love to Town” their first song to crack the Top Ten. But it was Davis’s “Something’s Burning” that they reached the peak of their fame with the audio trick of putting a sample of an actual heartbeat played backwards to replicate the song’s rhythmic beat.  The gimmick worked like magic and while the First Edition had other subsequent hits, none made the lucrative cross-over trip. Kenny Rogers, the much beloved gambler himself, died earlier this year in March at 82. ;(

Upon that success, Mac penned “I Believe in Music,” recorded by the Detroit pop group Gallery, which is was more R&B than pop. It made it to the Top 40 in 1972 .

Singer Song Writer Mac Davis's natal chart.

Lubbock born Mac

Mac was born January 21st, 1942, six weeks after US entry into World War II in Lubbock, Texas, also the hometown of legendary Buddy Holly. I have rectified Morris Mac Davis to 25 Taurus , that is an unfortunate degree in the zodiac because the Fixed Star Algol is around there, giving the native a dual personality of Jupiter on own hand, prolific, but on the other as it is also taken on a saturnine aspect, makes the person overshadowed by partners. 1 Princess Diana, John Lennon, Dean Martin and Al Gore all suffer from Algol’s gaze too. . For Mac, Algol’s dampening spirit is reinforced by the eleventh-fifth house Virgo interception where his singing Neptune resides.

He has a preponderance in Taurus spanning the twelfth of self-undoing to the first, his own personality with Gemini highlighting the duality of his acting/singing career in the 80s.

Mac is a bucket with a Neptune handle — a gifted singer/composer.

Nashville cat

Mac reposed on 29 September 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, and his Pisces/Virgo interception moved a house into the nearby sixth/twelfth houses. His heart problem shows up in the fifth house with Pluto retrograde, so it must have been ongoing, and his repose resulted from the surgery of Mars at 08 Sagittarius 41 is found in the eighth near the Royal fixed star of of Antares or the anti-Aries star.

So close to Mars that rules Aries, it as though the two were at odds over his prospects, but in the end the “Heart of the Scorpion” won and Mac lost. Vivian Robson wrote when near the Sun it highlights someone “of gracious nature” and “honorable.” He forgot good-looking.

Mac Davis's tertiary progression to approximate time of demise.
Mac with Tertiary Progressions to demise.


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    Princess Diana, John Lennon, Dean Martin and Al Gore all suffer from Algol’s gaze too.
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