Last night Ruta Lee appeared on the Fugitive, the second part of the d episode ANGELS TRAVEL ON LONELY ROADS as a redhead. I remembered her from Hollywood Squares that my grandmother faithfully watched, so naturally I did her chart and went to her website, the eponymously named Ruta Lee, to learn more.

Ruta was born in Montreal Canada to Lithuanian emigres on May 30th 1935, time unknown but I have pegged her ascendant to 12 Cancer or the Sabian Symbol of “a Chinese woman nursing a baby who is a glorious nimbus of divine incarnation.” Marc Jones says this symbol highlights when the individual uses all of her talents (Ruta danced, sang, played dramatic and comedic roles) in becoming a star in her chosen realm (for Ruta that was Hollywood). Alas, in her chart it is square by Mars in Libra in the fourth , showing that instead of reaching her full potential she was thwarted, and frustrated at every turn by her own over-zealous ambition.

Looking at Ruta

Ruta Highlights

  • Ruta is a locomotive temperament type with a problem of trusting people.
  • She has a Grand Trine in water, Saturn in a Pisces to Venus in Cancer to Jupiter in Scorpio, making her a whirlwind performer who was always looking for the next role.
  • Saturn is also one arm to her yod, the other being Uranus in the eleventh, its essential house showing how her her telegenic looks, and God-given talents gave her the credentials to be a Hollywood star.
    • The head of her yod is at the centaur Hylonome (not shown), appropriate because centaurs area group of planet-crossing objects in the outer planetary region that are technically classified as asteroids but in reality are comets. Centaurs are rare in astronomy; only thirty five have been discovered.
  • Venus in her second house shows she was naturally curvaceous and probably has to work at keeping her figure slim but also that she is an excellent money manager whose weakness probably is collecting favorite things like Hollywood memorabilia.
  • She has a preponderance in Cancer, highlighting her expansive array of talents.
  • Her Mental Chemistry is perceptive.
  • Ruta’s Sun is inconjunct its essential house, the fifth, showing that most likely she would not have children because she would prolong them too long because of her innate workaholism (Venus trine Jupiter in the sixth), while also trine the seventh house whether the Galactic Center was then highlighting the possibility that a marriage to a very dynamic foreigner (he would be neither Lithuanian nor Canadian); she married a Texan.
  • She does not have any oppositions in her chart. Highlighting the personal responsibility in using her talents and creating opportunity.

Ms. Lee is still alive, married and according to her publicist loves fan-mail. Give her a shout and let her know we are one of them. Thanks.