Update:  from the Toronto Star

Originally a murder suicide

Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted in a double murder, according to the latest update by Toronto police. Initially there was some suggestion that the death of Apotex’s founder and his wife was a murder-suicide, however investigators now say, after a tip supplied on January 20, 2018, that it was really a double homicide.

Sherman was born February 2, 1942 in Toronto. His wife Honey, dates unknown, was born in Austria during WWII. They had been married forty-seven years. The times though are approximate for I could find little information to rectify Sherman, so that could be wrong. I ended up giving him a Leo ascendant with the symbol of “Authority” someone who knows things almost instinctively and has a brusque manner. From little I read, it seems to fit and the preponderance in the eleventh house highlights his networking abilities, and not his scientific acumen.

Sherman Murder chart

Chart of when Barry and Honey were murdered.

The chart below is a composite of Barry Sherman’s birth and death; the same as the download charts. There is no birthdata for Mrs. Sherman, who was born in Austria during Nazi occupation.

The aspects suggest that the Shermans knew their killer and with the Moon conjunct Pluto and that the quarrel had been brewing for a while over business and Sherman’s support of the person’s management.  The motive, a square away in the third house, seems to be intellectual property issues or perhaps something more mundane like bad bookkeepping.

The Shermans were buried in a Jewish cemetery in the north end of Toronto. We wish the best to the Toronto police in apprehending them.

Latest Update

Update: October 8 2020. The police admitted a while back, see the Forbes story here, that the case would remain unsolved because the foresenic evidence had been tampered by incorrect police procedures.

If you are interested in reading more, Kevin Donovan, the chief investigative reporter for the The Toronto Star, wrote a book on the story, The Billionaire Murders, published in 2019 by Viking. Let’s hope further publicity of the tragedy helps.

barry sherman birthday in toronto

Barry & Honey Sherman Murder composite to Mr. Sherman’s Birth