Benito Mussolini’s fascists arrested Gramsci and imprisoned him (1926) because they were nationalists and he was an internationalist. At his trial the fascist prosecutor argued, “We must stop his brain from working for 20 years.” In prison, despite rigorous censorship, Gramsci carried out an extraordinary and wide-ranging historical and theoretical study of Italian society and strategies for change. Plagued with poor health in the 1930s, he died  after being released from prison for medical care.


Extracts of Gramsci’s prison writings were published for the first time in the mid-20th century; the complete Quaderni del carcere (Prison Notebooks) appeared in 1975. Many of his propositions became a fundamental part of Western Marxist thought and influenced the post-World War II strategies of communist parties in the West. His reflections on the cultural and political concept of hegemony (notably in southern Italy), on the Italian Communist Party itself, and on the Roman Catholic Church were particularly important. The letters he wrote from prison also were published posthumously as Lettere dal carcere (1947; Letters from Prison).  — Encyclopaedia Britannica

His Ascendant opposes Uranus in Libra suggesting that Signore Gramsci was ill-tempered but energetic.  He may have been personally shy because of his game leg, & that shows up as well here.  All of this would have contributed to his philosophy of total freedom from social mores, and restrictive laws from both the Church and the State because Uranus in the house of relationships, and Gramsci did not want them on traditional terms.  Patience was not his strong suit and like his adversary Mussolini, he was brutish and manipulative.

The point focus of this opposition is his Part of Fortune in the tenth house at 04 Aquarius highlighting his chameleon like personality and thwarted ego.

  • His line of vitality (sun-moon) is absent highlight how he squandered his talents and opportunities in needless in-fighting.
  • His line of motivations (jupiter-saturn)  is absent.
  • His line of efficiency (mars-venus) is absent.
  • His line of social significance (uranus-neptune) is inconjunct showing  his heightened awareness of a world-wide need for “one or another type of socioeconomic change.”
    • As this is his only aspect of self-ordering, this works almost as a focal determinator in shaping his focus and life.

Gramsci is a splash temperament type.