The T-Square has a rather comedic outlet at Jupiter in Libra 04, again right on the cusp of the creative fifth house — it would seem that our Robber enjoyed his work. So what brought him down? No doubt he did not pay attention to expanding his purvey by travelling would be a bad move – for while Jupiter is sextile the Moon in Sagittarius encourages that idea of moving, it is opposite his first house and square his midheaven at 07 Pisces telling us, but it should have been him, that leaving his cozy home environment would be a mistake as he would literally be a fish out of water.

bank robber DutchThis chart comes from Alan Leo in his November 1909 magazine. He notes that Saturn is at 01 Cancer right near the Ascendant at 08 on the cusp of the second house of resources. Since it is in its fall, we wonder does that mean that appropriating others resources will be their calling and not working hard at making their own? Perhaps, particularly as it is opposite Pallas in Capricorn, suggesting that this is a poor use of his talents.

Leo reports he was caught on a caper in Spain.

The header image is a painting by Pieter Gerard Vertin of Figures In The Snow Covered Streets Of Zutphen. .  You can download the chart for the  zutphen robber here.

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