Richard Hatch made a career of being in soaps, starting out as the original Philip Brown c. 1970 when the pic above was taken, for the now defunct soap All my Children, a soapy that seemed to run forever.    After that debut, Richard made guest appearances on The RookiesHawaii Five-0, and The Waltons. In 1976 he replaced actor Michael Douglas on the series, The Streets of San Francisco, playing Inspector Dan Robbins against Karl Malden until the series end in 1977 (the fans missed Douglas too much and so it was canceled).

His next role was as Captain Apollo on the series Battlestar Galactica, a Star Wars TV spinoff  which lasted for one season because of its high costs  (it can now be seen on Netflix).  He returned  when the new Battlestar Galactica series started in 2004, playing Tom Zarek. Richard stayed with it until its demise in 2009 appearing in 22 out of 36 episodes.

Our featured shot of actor Richard Lawrence Hatch  born on May 21,. 1945 in Santa Monica California. He has one brother, John.  Nothing else is known about his family though the UK Guardian gives him a good obit.

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                                                       The Hatch Chart

Richard is a bowl Temperament Type which agrees with his statement that he wanted to be either a pole vaulter for the Olympics or a pianist because he was so “shy”.  His musical talent is shown with Neptune conjunct  the  Moon  in the Fifth House that also part of his Midheaven-Nadir Yod.  That conjunction also took on prominence when President Kennedy was assassinated, as it so moved him that he found a latent voice and changed college majors to Drama shortly thereafter.

He does not have a rim opposition for his bowl, but instead a strong Line of Efficiency: Venus and Mars are conjunct in the Eleventh House of dreams, fans and friends that support that spur of the moment change in his life,  as he switched one talent for another.


             The Hands and Feet of Yod

The two arrows above show the sextile aspect between the Moon and Juno of the Yod.  Those planets are the hands of the Yod.  The midpoint of  29.24 Virgo and 28.07 Cancer is 29.08, a degree that is firmly in the Fourth House.  That symbol conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus according to Signore Carelli is the servus servorumor the servant’s servant.: someone who receives a higher calling and adapts his mundane life accordingly.

Marc Jones being far more prosaic in his Sabian Symbols, says 30 Leo is the symbol of an “Unsealed Letter”  depicting man’s “purity of spirit” and his “repudiation of compromise”  as he responds to the “creative needs of life.”

Directly opposite is 30 Aquarius which according to Astrologer Joan Kellogg is the Axis of Awareness  that anchors the person.  Leo 30 then is the Yod’s head that activates the Aquarius 30  {Carelli writes that this a symbol of  good fortune while Marc Jones  says that it is a degree of spiritual illumination} Foot into action.

For Hatch, the Kennedy assassination did just that as he came out of the confines of his natural shyness and found a better balance between his character and sudden need to create a public image.  He did this not only by acting but by his many books on spiritual and self fulfillment and his one on one coaching sessions.

Download  richard hatch natal chart.

Richard passed away on February 7, 2017 at age 72 of pancreatic cancer.  The progressed chart of Richard hatch is here.


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