The United States launched an airstrike Thursday evening. According to Fox News, it resulted in the death of an Iranian general and other military officials at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq.

This is a major blow to the Obama Administration 2015 Iran deal . The Hudson Institute points this out in an article here, so we are doing Obama’s official chart against the Soleimani too. Notice the conjunction of Soleimani’s Mars to Obama’s Moon in the eighth house and the Part of Fortune of the General to Obama’s fifth house South Node.

The General has a good chart for ruthless war monger — Regulus at Pluto on the eleventh house cusp. Soliemani was known for exterminating many of his own countryman for the advancement of the mullahs and was feared. His Ascendant Libra 20 is a Muslim mullah, the symbol of man’s self assurance of his place among his fellows. The keyword is Heritage, but is poorly placed elementally here giving him an  unhealthy sense of self-superiority (Jones).

The general died on 3 January 2020, Baghdad, Iraq from wounds received in military action. Note:  The 10:44 AM time for President Trump is incorrect and should read 11:01 AM to reflect local mean time.  This gives the president the ascendant of 0 Virgo 45 and makes it partile to the Fixed Star Regulus.    

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