C148 Singing his way to astrology, Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl died on his birthday, December 31st. He was a towering figure in modern astrology and many call him their mentor having taken his Masterworks DVD set and learnt the craft from a grand master. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and started out as an operatic bass-baritone.

Tyl switched gears somewhere along the way, perhaps after meeting the astrologer cum musician Rudhyar, and became the foremost Jungian astrologer in the world, picking up the baton from Jones and Rudhyar. His fans are legion and to be honest, we’ve never heard a bad word against him; which alone speaks volumes. Thanks for the books — all 33 of them.

This is Tyl’s OFFICIAL chart. Probably not the real thing, i.e. Moon at Regulus as he followed his mentor’s suggestion, never to give out the real chart. Instead try 06 Sagittarius, twelve hours earlier, with its Grand trine in Earth and Mercury and Venus in the second for his lovely rich voice. Read more about him at his site, Tyl.com.

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