C400 Paradise Lost, John Milton

I happened to catch this from the UK ill-starred Transits magazine and noticed today is John Milton’s birthday. I could not get the 6-7 am time to work particularly if I threw in the Fixed Stars. He was totally blind by 1654, probably from glaucoma or bilateral retinal detachment (inoperable at that time) and so dictated the bulk of his poem to his very dutiful daughter (hence why Mercury and Venus are so close and in the twelfth house of imprisonment). His ascendant, 22 Sagittarius [HS] Blue skies opening from above a time when it is possible for all to become fully observant of the human experience. The keyword is Enlightenment, appropriate for a man who is the Father of the English Enlightenment.

Modernists say he is a bucket with a Neptune handle 17 Virgo 44. Traditionalists say he is a deviated northeastern bowl. The deviation itself is interesting, as taking Neptune straight down almost fills the space. I cannot get asteroids that far back, so we have to default to (fantasy, music, poesy) Neptune filling the gap between the form of Saturn and the very ill-dignified Mars in Pisces fighting it would seem to remain relevant in a darkened room.


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