I am reading the Rise and Fall of the Habsburg Monarchy by Victor Tapie and he writes that Pope Pius II was a humanist. I checked Britannica and they said the same

Pius II, original name Enea Silvio Piccolomini, (born Oct. 18, 1405, Corsignano [now Pienza], Republic of Siena [Italy]—died Aug. 14/15, 1464, Ancona, Papal States), an outstanding Italian humanist and astute politician who as pope (reigned 1458–64) tried to unite Europe in a crusade against the Turks at a time when they threatened to overrun all of Europe. He wrote voluminously about the events of his day.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

His full biography is here.

Since Marc Jones has a humanist type, the Splash, and we have already noted that many religious people fall into this category as opposed to the secular humanist no conjunction bowl type, I wanted to see whether the Pope fell into the former category.

We did not rectify him. We are using sunrise in Pienza, Italy for his birth time. He does have a Grand Trine in Air, surprisingly our first (we are going to have to check that), and several oppositions. He is a Splash Humanist like Justice Scalia and many others.


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