#J37 Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanoff of Russia

Peterhof Palace

Grand Duchess Anastasia was the fourth and last daughter born to Tsar Nikolai and Tsarina Aleksandra on June 17, 1901 at Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia. Red Communists butchered her and her family — later called Soviets and now Russians again — on July 17, 1918 at the Native House, Yekaterinburg, Russia. A full biography is available here.

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her chart

We do not change Julian dates to Gregorian otherwise it is the same as Marc Edmund Jones’s, who puts her ascendant at 03 Aquarius 22, a Hindu healer or the self-assertion of bringing forward human potential. She is hourglass planetary pattern. It is interesting that her Mars is conjunct her Part of Fortune on the cusp of the seventh house, hinting at her assassination by the Bolsheviks.

A family portrait of the Royal Family. Anastasia in the rear bridging her parents with the red hair. The photo was colourized by Conde Nast’s Town and Country magazine.
Anastasia with interceptions, the preferred method of modern astrologers.

Modern astrologer love interceptions. It is one of the hallmarks of their systems, and since Morinus has few, here I am showing the Regiomontanus house system which gives some wild interceptions because of her northern birth, Still, it lends credence to the Aquarius 04 rising — the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in the 12th is striking. The 8th house intercepted is sadly appropriate but works only in the Placidus-Koch system; her ascendant though is stretched in meaning.

The Koch house format

The German Koch (Koke) fixes much of fellow German Regio’s problems — at least the chart is readable, and the 12th house stellium stands. Koch is a good proxy for those wanting to switch over from Placidus — they are very similar, but we do not like the ascendant tied to the 1st house so dropped it after early trials. She has a preponderance in Gemini spanning from the 5th to 6th houses. Her Part of Fortune is conjunct Mars in the 8th, a sad talisman for a brutal ending. She has no planets in fixed signs.

We prefer 21 Sagittarius for the Grand Duchess, [HS] A mystic inscribing the names of the Deity for the Master (Guru) gives the student a signature that dictates their nature through obedience. YMMV, both are given.

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