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Their parent company Nicole Crafts announced on November 25 2019 they were closing all of A.C. Moore’s retail stores. This affects 145 locations on the Eastern Seaboard. AC Moore plans to continue to offer services to customers until the closures are complete. However, it is no longer allowing for online orders.

I decided to look at the closing and when A.C. Moore went public and see what happened. It is much like a life and death of a individual, ala in the corporate sphere.

The Life and Death of A.C. Moore biwheel

A.C. Moore opened on the NYSE as a bucket with a Saturn in the fifth house handle. The bowl part of the bucket is on the western side of the chart, showing A.C.Moore was a highly resourceful company that was offering its resources to its customers who wanted the articles and implements to realize their own artistic dreams and goals (Saturn in the creative fifth house).

It’s NYSE 1 The NYSE is the New York Stock Exchange ascendant was 14 Scorpio 39, or the keyword of “exchange and barter.” Its planets were heavily based in the first house, which is of course trine to the Saturn handle showing its customers were looking for self-expression and the third house of business which is sextile to the first and shows how Moore hoped to profit from that.

By the time Nicole Companies shuttered the business, the chart had changed drastically. First now it is a bowl, rather northern leaning. The handle had been consumed into the bowl and now in the second house.

The final ascendant was 28 Sagittarius 46 or “emulation” or the desire for Nicole to close brick and mortar stores and go online only But it also has a large stellium in the second house, which is trine to Uranus in the sixth — and Nicole’s belief it will do better online only.

That’s not an unusual idea as Pier One imports, Harry & David Gift Baskets, and the megalith itself, Sears & Roebucks all followed that path also after President Obama said he envisioned a retail space only in the ether.

Obviously Michael’s Crafts or Hobby Lobby do not agree with that idea.

Michael’s moves in

In the meantime, The Michaels Companies Inc. will be taking over 40 of these locations, as well as one distribution center. That’s rather ironic as Michaels itself was taken private several years ago in a leverage buyout. It was then respun out as a private company. Michael’s is already the largest arts and crafts store in the U.S. with over 1,260 locations.


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    The NYSE is the New York Stock Exchange
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