Congressman Jerrold Lewis Nadler was born on June 13 1947 rectified to 3:30 in the afternoon in Midwood Brooklyn according to his Congressional site but since his father was at that time a poultry farmer in nearby rural New Jersey why Jerry was born in Brooklyn and not in Jersey seems odd.

The family relocated to Brooklyn after the father’s bankruptcy and Nadler received a traditional Yeshiva education focused on studying the Talmud (the book of Law) and reading the Torah (the five volumes or Pentateuch, or the 5 books of Moses). He graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1965 and ran for student government president in a campaign organized by his good friend Dick Morris (November 28, 1946).

He is married with one son. The rest of his biography is here.

The Congressman is a Bucket with a Jupiter handle in the first house highlighting his intemperance with sensual pleasures, hence Charbuel says “he is a big man with appetites.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  . His Moon opposite Neptune does not help but encourages him to overeat when overworking or anxious. as Cancer which the Moon rules rules the breast, chest and stomach.

This opposition though, from the 6th to the 12th house highlights how once he gets an idea from his work, he pursues it with zealous ferocity, particularly if it deals with issues from the 12th house (where Neptune,. the modern ruler of the 12th, is found. This opposition is rather karmic, as he always wants to right the wrongs of the individual/community/country against his perception that capitalistic business is rigged against the average citizen (in his case his father). This probably explains his strong criticism of President Trump, a former businessman but myopic because of the amount of Democrat millionaires in Congress itself. This uneven application of justice is problematic in his life and career, but he is certainly not alone.

The Congressman has a stellium in the 8th house highlights his desire to get control over the uncontrollable whether it is his weight or the many forces of nature or politics as he resents anything beyond his own grasp. This stellium suggests that despite his vengeful nature, he is good with money.

Nadler’s ascendant is 25 Libra [Hyperion Symbols] a Rabbi throwing dice on the Tree of Life shows his dsire to seek knowledge of the perfection proceeding from the Deity so that he may at least have indirect contact with its true Being. This is supported by his Mercury in Cancer in the 9th house highlighting his moody approach to this quest.  

The Sabian Symbols reiterate that mood, with “information in the symbol of an autumn leaf” showing his resourcefulness of making the ends fit the means, so that it be shaped his world vision.

A rather striking note is that both Congressman Schiff and Nadler had fathers that were unsuccessful in the private arena and it is that inner anger that makes them such intense critics. In Nadler’s case, he also symbolizes the age old dichotomy between King and Parliament (see John Locke) or Executive privilege being unaccountable to Congress. America provides for three equal legislative branches in a series of checks and balances: Presidential, Congressional and Judicial in the first three articles of the Constitution.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has also been a large critic of these statements. Nadler is also outraged that Trump is dismantling the bureaucratic establishment as he believes that should be the sole source of American citizen’s income; Ginsburg champions John Anderson’s “fair voting” allowing certain people greater share in the electoral process and universal suffrage. However Trump’s inquiry turns out, this see-saw argument is will predominant world politics for a long time.

These aspects remind us of Maximilien Robespierre. A quick biwheel of the two shows many similarities including an exact trine to the ascendants. The Robespierre chart is taken from unchanged.



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