C477 Local boy does good, Alexander McQueen

that’s a lot of septiles

While we have looked at a preponderance of septiles in people with health problems (Roger Ailes, Tsavertich Alexei) and even alcoholics (Fitzgerald), this time we see them in Alexander McQueen’s chart — he has 7. Marc Jones wrote that this preponderance indicated fatalistic thinking — that the person could not come with alternatives to a dark scenario and so blindly followed a predetermined path as though they were devoid of will and volition.

For McQueen that proved inevitably, and horribly, true. Growing up in East London, McQueen realized somewhere in his teens he was a homosexual and wrote that his Mother Joyce (see Asteroid Jocelyn at 28 Scorpio 09 right near his first house) was 100% supportive in his “rocky” road in admitting and being it. McQueen liked to put it he was “the pink sheep of the family.”

Born on March 17 1969 in Lewisham, England at 10:45 PM, he was named Lee Alexander McQueen; his stage name is from his middle name but his family continued calling him Lee. The importance of London to McQueen is shown with the asteroid London at 29 Aquarius 17 right at the nadir.

McQueen is a see-saw temperament type with a preponderance in Pisces spanning the fourth and fifth houses –he started his fashion career in his family’s kitchen cutting up fabric for his fabulous designs. His North Node is amazing the Aries Point — Aries 0 — which makes his chart also inherently Draconic –– or a soul recreating in this life its karmic purpose.

He was so tied to his mother that he said his “greatest fear” was outliving her — a bizarre statement considering she was 35 years older than he. Nonetheless when the inevitable happened on February 2, 2019, he was in pieces. We do not understand why his coterie did not put him on suicide watch, it seemed a natural thing in lieu of his statements, but no one did, and nine days later, he hung himself.

McQueen’s nativity progressed to the approximate time of Mrs. McQueen’s death. Notice that asteroid Jocelyn is in the 12th house and Asteroid London is in the 3rd squared and then Uranus in Libra squared again and then nothing — this broken grand square highlights the severed communication lines between him and his Mum and his lack of faith to go on without her.

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