#J12 Daniel Stern is the Comtesse d’Agoult

Read her magnificent bio on New World. I cannot improve on that.

She is bucket with a Moon handle, a common occurrence for writers (see Emily Bronte) who write romances. She has a preponderance in the sixth house in Capricorn highlighting her hard work on her novels and since her north node is trine her Midheaven, how much she aspired to be successful. This is emphasized because of her North Node conjunct her Sun in the sixth — its an extra push in ambition.

Her relationship with the composer Franz Liszt is highlighted in the seventh house opposite her ascendant creating the T-Square to Saturn in the third and thus encouraging her discipline in her writing and her relationships — she was parsimonious not wanting to spend too much time with Liszt who could absorb her attention like a sponge and thus not leaving her any breathing space for her own work.

Her Locomotive Planetary Pattern open on the Southwestern side, also encouraged this parsimony because the Saturn encouraged her natural leadership skills and thus she encouraged discipline in her writing and in the relationship too. It’s rather ironic that Saturn is in the third house as she and Liszt had three children including Cosima, the woman who would marry composer Richard Wagner and the only child of theirs that lived beyond their twenties.

She and Liszt never married.

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