We did not rectify his chart but used it from Jones 1000 Nativities in his book, Sabian Symbols and their use in astrology. His 11:05 am birth time gives Adrian a symbol 21 Gemini 27 that Marc Jones wrote signified the richness of life as found in human associations and human activities. Positively it is a degree of self-consummation or personal fulfillment of one’s abilities and talents. Negatively, Jones warns instead it just a degree of self-satisfactions.

Adrian’s Ascendant is right near Pluto at 17 Gemini 41 and opposite Uranus at 25 Sagittarius 18. Marc Jones did not read the “outer planets” as personal effects but as societally significant activities that came into play when the circumstance they resided in, was activated. Of course, one can, and we do, read them in both ways but in Adrian’s case we have like Will Rogers a Pluto-Neptune sandwich in the first and second houses but here opposite Uranus showing his unique and eye-catching designs did bring a classy Art Nouveau allure to his costumes, and the settings for which the films were set.

The North Node and Mars conjunction to each other in the 5th house, shows his drawing ability and how he worked out each set & each costume himself. This is shown by Mars opposite Venus in the Line of Efficiency, that recommended that he should have use his assistants more particularly when he was ill in the 1950’s but despite many attempts to change his work habits, he refused.

A nice montage of Adrian’s work.

Everywhere you look whether it is the stills on Pinterest or the film montage, Art Nouveau is the hallmark with strong lines, flowing longer and yet curvy (Uranus in Sagittarius) construction. Typically the lines are vertical because it takes its cues from plants and flowers, though when Adrian tackled them, as in the Wizard of Oz, they are highly stylized, bold and striking. The real epitome though, as mentioned in clip as well, is the emphasis on the female form almost as though they themselves are plants that have alive, and decorations themselves that enhanced the environment that they graced.

Adrian married Janet Gaynor, and had one son Robin born July 6, 1940, who is a retired real estate broker in Scottsdale, Arizona. Alas, Adrian never won an Oscar for either set or costume design. He became ill with heart disease in 1952 and died 7 years later while preparing the costumes for the original Broadway production of Alan Jay Lerner‘s “Camelot”, when he died on September 13, 1959, twenty years after his marriage to Gaynor who survived him. She died 25 years later on the same day.