This is a general sunrise chart for Greta the spokes girl from Sweden on climate change. Her rising is 08 Aquarius 34 wth an appropriate midheaven of Sagittarius for her travels. Neptune that rules the 12th is found there, showing how the Viking spirit of travelling via boat to bring about the conquest of her message appeals to her.

She has a strong stellium in the 11th house of public speaking that will be a problem for her as she matures because it will swallow up her own personality as it gets subsumed by the group. She has nothing in the 5th to offset this, so while she maybe the “voice” it is never her agenda — she is a talking head for another.

Jupiter and Saturn make a nice yod at the bottom as they rule her major planets making a yodic head at Cancer 20 right at the 5th house cusp of the Asteroid Prosperina (Persephone and Prosperity). That is not odd, Jupiter the money sign is in her 6th house with a square to Mars the ruler of her personal 2nd house in the 9th. Greta is very good at seeing opportunity and making it work for her but that this can invert against her, and so is a great warning.

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