Who was Tim Treadwell?

Timothy Treadwell was born Timothy Dexter in Ronkonkoma, a hamlet outside of Islip, Suffolk Count (aka Long Island) New York on April 29, 1958 under a new moon, nicknamed the “Widow Maker;” his ex-girlfriend who worked with him for many years said during the documentary that she felt like the “widow,” as she is the only one from Alaska who was still alive. She spoke highly of both Tim and Amie who was with him for the last 2 summers only.

Most of the women, including the “Widow” who stayed for 6, refused to live that close to the bears, rightfully scared of them. Tim as a eco-film maker, filming his summer visits in Katmai National Park & Preserve, near King Salmon, Alaska.

Katmai National park & Preserve

His Ascendant is partile the fixed star Almach. According to Ptolemy the influence of this constellation is similar to that of Venus, probably exalted in Pisces as it bestows purity of thought, virtue, honor and dignity upon its natives. It makes the native fanciful and gives a great bond between husband and wife, like Tim had with his partner Amie Huguenard, who fought off the bear instead of taking Tim’s advice and running away.

Timothy and Amie

Amie was from Buffalo, New York and 8 years younger, born October 23, 1965. The family released no photos of Amie & her family refused to talk to Herzog for the documentary. The shot of the couple was time elapsed.

Hero of Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man…Tim Treadwell. His father said that Treadwell was a family name and that when his acting career failed, he “spiralled down.” Saturn on the 1st house cusp shows his allure with the dark side of human nature.

In Tim’s case, the Sun is found in its essential home but in Taurus. In an interesting switch, Uranus who is afflicted in Leo because it is the ruler of Aquarius, is found in the 8th house that is ruled by Mars. In this case, Uranus is afflicts the Sun, and historically foretold of death by hanging, decapitation, or crucifixion.

The grisly death

When Treadwell died, he chose to set his campsite near a salmon stream where grizzlies commonly feed in the fall. He was also in the park later than usual, when bears struggle to gain as much fat as possible before winter, and limited food supplies cause them to be more aggressive than in other months.

Tim was 45 at the time of his death; Amie had not yet hit 37. The Neptune at the 10th house highlights his diving scholarship for Bradley University, California. But the real issue of course is the murder. The chart above is the progressed chart for Tim at the time of death — he was eaten by a bear. The star Ursinus (The Great Bear) appears in Capricorn, so I would imagine that the chart is showing the “fear” of the bear in the 12th house became real.

This fear was expressed often by the women in his life — the Moon — found at the time of death in Capricorn which is in its detriment because the Moon is exalted in Cancer of course.

Before the killing, his girlfriend Amie wanted to leave him and the site, because she was petrified of the bears but she was trapped (Moon in the 12th) with no way to get out because they were reliant on a airplane that showed up erratically.
Tim did not share this fear because the chart’s NN in Sagittarius is in its exaltation, he felt that she was over reacting , just like all the others, had. Instead the NN points that he thought the bears noble creatures and would not do that. The SN in the 6th house shows how wrong he was — and sextile the 8th the outcome –death by bear.

Thanks to Alexis Williams of Death and Astrology for pointing out the missing explanation of the Tertiary Converse chart.

Food was scarce that fall, so the grizzly bears were more aggressive than usual. Tim, Werner reported wanted to stay longer, because he had never been part of that period and thought it was would be interesting to film. Him & his girlfriend’s remains were not really found. Instead, the pathologist reviewing the contents had just body parts with the rest of their remains detected within the man-eating bear itself after it was killed and autopsied.

The chart above, shows how his ascendant at 00 Sagittarius 45, went into the next decan at 12 Sag at the time of his death on October 6 2003. They had no gun with them for protection, just a “frying pan” (Mars in its essential house) that Amie used to beat off the attack.