Margo wanted to be part of the party. With a voice like a canary, shown by the grand trine in water, the stellium in the 10th makes her wants her never to be backstage or second best — to ensure that she has foregone her vast talents and been a singing home engineer. This is also where we find also the opposition — 29 Sagittarius 12 to 25 Gemini 16 between Jupiter and the Sun, showing she tends to bite off more than she can chew, is a bit of the prima donna in her personal life and while saying she does not want to be in the spotlight, on the other hand…she craves attention and personal significance.

Bending with an Oppo

This may lead her to bend the truth, or argue too strenuously and alienate those around her, all in her attempt to gain importance, but it never works out as she plans, but instead often ricochets back at her with that square to the North Node/ Ascendant that makes her even more alienated and upset. Perhaps instead, she needs to avoid these unhealthy habits & clean up her act, working more on her honesty and communication skills and less on her fear of exhibiting weakness.

Neptune in the 2nd house often comes up with rich kids; in the worst case like Loire’s chart, it is part of her Dynamic Aptitude and makes it careless with that inheritance. For Margo, it makes her disregard and shun it–Neptune 06 Scorpio 37. Interesting both are Virgo Ascendants, though Loire is at the end near Libra and Margo smack in the middle. Another rich friend, has an ascendant right at the beginning of Virgo, perhaps it is why Eugene Johnson argued for Trump being Virgo 01? Whatever…

The sign Virgo is a crystallization of all that comes before it and why so many have diabetes (crystallization of sugar) & kidney (stone) problems, for Margo with her North Node partile her ascendant there, there is a possibility that her constant demands, careless handling of truth, can tip right over into deceit and infidelity.

Unconsciously, this perfidy may become just another game — filled with trite excuses or another Virgoan foible she may indulge in the gossip that she so disdains — either ways she can bring the moral and physical suffering of the Gotterdammerung upon herself as she fears being found out (Moon 28 Pisces 22 conjunct SN). Marc Jones who felt that the ascendant was overrated, would give the Moon sway here, and say that the fear of being found out was a strong enough deterrent that it does not happen; let’s keep a good a thought and agree.