Looking at Emma Borden’s (Lizzie Borden’s elder system) Dynamic Aptitude (closest square or opposition)/ I find in her chart at Jupiter square Venus — part of her T square with multiple opposition’s to Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in her 8th house. Ema is bucket with a Jupiter handle.

With Jupiter in the 2nd house, her short leg is Venus is in the 5th house, a planet that has a tendency to get lost in the superficiality of life. Thus this Jupiter-Venus makes Emma outweigh her core interest of moving forward with instead obsessing over the trivialities of what she does not have (2nd house of emotional and real property). If instead of dwelling on that, and she unlocked the growth capacity inherent in that square, she could be her best & recognize her genuine desires — of family, and community,(5th and 6th house stellium) instead of becoming a societal pariah.

Uranus as disruptor

The faster planet Venus is past the 90-degree angle in this case with the applying planet to her oppositions. Jupiter is closest to Uranus, not to Saturn. Thus Emma loses herself in embracing her dynamic aptitude instead of unlocking its potential.

Lizzie’s virulent dislike of their stepmother (6th house Mars on the cusp) sextile their father (Saturn in the 8th in Aries that Mars rules) resulting in the “forty whacks by Lizzie”. This setup is almost Freudian in her resentment of the stepmother usurping what she felt was her place in the family as eldest daughter and in her relationship with a harsh father. Emma needed to have power in the family and she transmitted this to the weaker Lizzie in many quiet nighttime conversations.

Between the two girls, the chart becomes a very lopsided see-saw with a unifying Mars in the 5th in both charts. We can only surmise there was some amount of discussion and “daydreaming” about if only Step-Mother was gone (Moon in 6th).

Fiendish Inspiration

Attic vase with Orestes, Electra and Hermes at the tomb of Agamemnon,

To say Emma was absent from the murder would underestimate her importance in the crime. More likely, she was Elektra of the Oresteia, goading Lizzie on, thinking she would walk about free and unencumbered with lots of money.

Alas when Emma died, shortly after her sister, and her estate was worth “$450,000 in 1927 monies” or $6,635,456.90 (6 million) in 2019, but she lived a life in the shadows far from home.

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