Alan Gabriel Ludwig Garcia Perez was born May 23, 1949, Lima, Peru at 3 am. This gives him the symbol of 16 Libra (HS) “terrific winds in the stratosphere.” Coupled with Neptune at 13 Libra explains a lot of his personality that seems more undulations of bravado than plans. At 6′ 4″ (193 cm) tall he had a commanding appearance.

Born in APRA

Both his parents were members of the rebel group ‘American and popular revolutionary alliance’, ‘APRA’ founded in 1924 in Mexico City, Mexico. This seems not to be unusual according to one Aprist, as APRA is akin to a brotherhood in South America and membership seems almost ancestral. Our header picture is of the young Alan with his. Date and age is unknown.

For generations, being an Aprista has been an inherited identity; militants join the Party because their fathers and mothers were members, and their grandparents before them. When I asked Erasmo Reyna, Garcia’s personal lawyer, to define the Apra, he made no mention at first of ideology or policies. “Aprismo is a feeling,” he told me. “A brotherhood. It’s like you’re part of a big family.” I pointed out that it sounded as if he were talking about a soccer team. He shook his head. “We’re not a club. We’re not a fan base. We’re bigger than that.”

New Yorker Magazine, July 1st issue

García studied at Pontifical Catholic University in Lima and earned a law degree (1971) from the Main National University of San Marcos of Lima. After several years of additional study in Madrid and Paris, he returned to Peru, where in 1976 he joined the familial center-left American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRA). A gifted & charismatic public speaker, García career rocketed: elected to Congress in 1980, APRA party leader in 1985 and then president at 36 years of age.

His meteoric rise made him “Peru’s JFK” and he entered office as the country’s youngest-ever president. How much he owned to the power of APRA can only be guessed, but his midheaven is 12 Cancer ” a rainbow trout” where one’s mind’s eye opens the door to a world beyond.” Its keyword may sum Apra best of all: “Secrecy,” like the Freemasons.

President Garcia and Pope Benedict

First Term disastrous

García’s presidency turned ruinous. His first decision was not like Kennedy’s to cut taxes but instead raise them, nationalize the banking industry, and to suspend the country’s foreign-debt payments. This should have not been a surprise as Scorpio is in the second house of his chart and it wants to play creatively with the status quo. Venus that rules that house is in Venus on the 8th-9th house cusps and suggests that philosophy over pragmatism would win out.

Incredibly, Peru plunged into economic ruin as inflation skyrocketed to 7,500 percent. Shortages of food and five million Peruvians in the streets results. The Maoist rebel group Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) a radical offshoot of APRA led by Comrade Gonzalo who believed like Chairman Mao an industrialized state is not needed for overthrow as Marx had specified stepped up its attacks and called for a violent toppling of Garcia’s regime.

García left office in disgrace. Alberto Fujimori reigned as dictator for the next 10 years while Garcia under the threat of arrest on corruption charges, fled to France in 1992 and then took up permanent domicile in Spain. The statute of limitations ran out in 2001 and incorrigible (Neptune’s waves hit again) he returned to Peru to lead the party, again. He ran for president but lost to Alejandro Toledo ( a full foot shorter than Garcia) fondly called “El Cholo” (“The Indian”) because of his indigenous ancestry.

2nd Presidency

A river runs through it ; Peruvian desert the wonder of Oberbrecht

Garcia bounced back again and in 2004 won the presidency a second time. He was different, his agenda was free-trade, low inflation and solid economic growth a marked reversal of the fiscal and political disasters of his first term. The bi-wheel above could be the key” Saturn typically takes full effect after 58 — he was now 55, so a maturer and more fiscally responsible Garcia was in charge.

Not knowing when the elections were, we have chosen the winter solstice for analysis

As his natal Saturn is 30 Leo and partile his Part of Fortune, [HS] “ephemeral clouds caught in the sunlight” he was able to manage his exuberance of being president and a leader, and think long term of his legacy [Mars and Venus in the 8th house of Gemini]. He now spoke [transiting Mercury in the 7th] of visions and growth; Pluto both trine, has markedly changed his tenor and tone.

Constitutionally barred from seeking a consecutive term, García was unable to run for reelection in 2011. Like a yo-yo he waited for 4 years before trying again.

A third term?

It’s 2015 and with Neptune in the first house those cyclic waves have Garcia running for president. However, this time he received less than 6 percent of the vote in the 2016 election and was forced to step down as leader of APRA; humiliated he returned to Spain. Charged with having accepted kickbacks from the Odebrecht construction giant (part of the Petrobras scandal) during his second term as president he returned to fight. But because of his affiliations with the US, his enemies were able to make the allegations stick.

What Odebrecht brought to Peru: Chavimochic

Petrobas, Oderbrecht and Peru

The crux of the problem is Odebrecht, which began work in Peru in 1979 under Garcia & rose to be one of the country’s chief constructors of roads, bridges, dams and highways. It built a $4.5 billion road that connected the Pacific to the Amazon basin and an electric train in Lima. It was also the engineering construction company behind a $1.9 billion irrigation project called Chavimochic (see above) that irrigated a section of desert on Peru’s northern coast and paved the way for the export of asparagus and strawberries.

the president they call PPK

The brouhaha hit Peru in late 2017, when President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, son of Polish Jews who fled Hitler to Peru, and former university economist, was linked to a $782,000 payment from Odebrecht; his rivals in Congress moved to impeach him. He avoided that by resigning last March. According to U.S. Justice Department documents, Odebrecht paid US $29 million in bribes to Peruvian nationals over the span of 10 years when Kuczynski served as Prime Minister; the listing does not mention any payments to Garcia.

President Toledo at the UN in NYC.

Alejandro Toledo, aka El Cholo, president in the early 2000s, is wanted for extradition from the United States where he lives in San Francisco, but has refused to return to Peru — no dummy there — the DoJ listing has 10 million going to him. Ollanta Humala, president from 2011 to 2016, and former military commander, was detained but released after interrogation.

Picturesque Peruvian winter — July; all Peruvian images from NY Sunday Times

The End

On November 17, after a judge banned García from leaving the country for 18 months worried that he would return to Spain. He moved into the Uruguayan embassy and requested asylum. Perhaps he should have tried Ecuador as Uruguay denied the petition.

His natal Sedna is conjunct the transiting Sun at time of death as is transiting Sedna conjunct his natal Sun. See our writeup on Sedna here.
(Jailed Odebrecht CEO Marcelo Odebrecht / World Economic Forum)
Marcelo Odebrect CEO

It did not matter what DoJ found, Peruvians believed he was as guilty as the other.

Officials arrived at Garcia’s Liman home, on April 17 1917, and García with his transiting Part of Fortune conjunct his South Node in Libra fatally shot himself.

Astrologer Ivy Jacobson says that, “Any planet or angle in the same degree as the Nodes points to a catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy whether it is a horary or natal chart.” In her “The Way of Astrology” , she further notes that during the year that a progressed angle lines up with a natal or progressed node, there will be some tragedy in the life often as a result of previous poor judgment.

Two months later on June 18, Odebrecht, filed for bankruptcy protection after years of graft scandals and trials involving top Latin American businessmen and politicians. Marcelo is fine albeit a billion dollar poorer, but happy in jail.


  1. The inspiration for the story was the article in New Yorker Magazine, July 1 2019, titled What Led Peru’s Former President to take his life? Click here to read it; the New Yorker gives a few articles each month for public viewing.
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