Margaret Morrell and Mathilde Shapiro were members of the Sabian Assembly that helped Marc Jones in writing and publishing his astrological works. There is alas no birth information on Miss Shapiro other than a portrait photo on, maintained by her niece Roey.

Aries 5.

Miss Morrell’s birth data was collected by the late Lois Rodden herself. She was born on March 28 1906 at 6 am in York Springs, Pennsylvania — near Gettysburg and West Virginia where she eventually reposed sometime before Marc himself, in 1978. This gives her the ascendant of 05 Aries, A white triangle with golden wings. This symbol is of the evolution of pure self, stage that as yet has been substantiated. Its goal is though known. Positively, it is a degree of attention; negatively,the self is lost in the miasma of others.

Marc mentions the two women in the foreward to Astrology How and Why, first self-published by the Sabian Publishing Society in 1945 and then republished by Dell Publishing in 1969. There are few extant copies of the original mss., one of which we were lucky to procure.

The map of Morrell

This chart is based on Mrs. Morrell’s memory. It has not been rectified.

Miss Morrell is a deviated bowl temperament type with her Uranus in the 10th house showing her psychic abilities and dedication to them in her life. It is also square its Lord in the 12th suggesting that because of the overall times, astrology was poorly regarded and often dismissed, and the specific era of her life, the 30’s were the Depression and the 40’s WWII, her career path was rather intercepted by these events.

Her Mercury is conjunct her Sun so her Mental Chemistry tended to be more self-taught than scholastic. She has a large preponderance on the 1st house cusp coupled with her Uranus at her Midheaven meant she was considered “eccentric” by most.

Her Mars, the Lord of her chart, is in the 2nd house conjunct the Moon, thus she relied on her psychic abilities and with Neptune at the 4th she was perhaps clairaudient.

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