#195 Rectifying King Prince Charles III

On November 14, 1948, the Prince of Wales was born in Buckingham, sometime in the evening. He was the first child to queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Princess Elizabeth was just 22 & in labour for 30 hours during which time his father gallantly played squash with his private secretary in Buckingham’s indoor courts, until the baby’s head was crowned and then rushed to the spot. That was probably a good use of nervous energy as back then men were not allowed in the natarium.

When the princess woke up from her anaesthetic, gave Philip her a bouquet of red roses and carnations. He also declared that Charles resembled “a plum pudding.” (Charles’s birth was the first royal birth not attended by the British Home Secretary, who in earlier times was required to be present to witness and verify the births of royal children.)

At 10 PM a Royal guard announced “Yes it is a boy.” At 11:45 Queen Mary left the mother and child, jubilant. The actual time is unknown and it most probable that the guard made the announcement after the Princess awoke so she could enjoy the news.

The correct time for King Prince Charles . This time gives him an ascendant of Gemini 27 and a part of fortune 20 Capricorn in the 8th house. The PoF has a semi sextile to its house ruler Mars on the 8th house cusp, showing how he will not come into his own until the Queen, Saturn in Virgo, reposes. He is a SPLAY temperament type. Venus in the 5th shows how he married Diana for children and wanted Harry to be a girl, so he would be like his parents and him and Anne.

Marriage Chart

The Standard Prince of Wales chart

This above is the rectified chart of Charles against his marriage to Diana. Her chart and details are here. Looking at his synastry, there is no doubt that this marriage would not last. Diana was too ethereal and naïve while Charles wanted to dispel these fancies with his mature wisdom. Outside of their children, they had little in common, and probably argued about their upbringing as well.

Her Moon is in his 12th house of imprisonment — she was not used to Royal protocol and requirements and chaffed under them. His Sun’s Ruler was near her midheaven so she was obviously meant for him, but jealous about his infidelity with Camilla Bowles Parker. That he required her to be chaste, faithful and secluded while had no such requirements for himself, was a major problem in this modern Royal marriage. He should have followed his father’s footsteps more closely in that regard and things would have ended up much better.
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