Christian Charles Philip Bale was born to English parents in Haverfordwest, Wales on January 30 1974. We chose 10 Gemini or 12:12 in the afternoon for his ascendant because of his incredible acting versatility. The 7th House of Scorpio is empty but right near it is Neptune at 10 Sagittarius as Bale sites that meeting his “foreign” wife totally changed his mind on marriage or as our editor Mo Saladin says “reformed” it as in changing shape, altering one’s mind as a catalyst to fulfilling one’s “obligation.”

We rectified his ascendant to 10 Gemini. We don’t know what time was married, just the day and place, so we picked 6 PM — an evening wedding so it would be near his birthday.
Bale marries Sandra Blazic. Neptune now is in the 9th house where it is a reformative process that encourages him to be obligated to another because of the great love he has for his wife (Natal Venus). the Moon in Scorpio,a creative regeneration, is now in his 7th house of partnerships and opportunities.

In the Dark Knight, the first of the Batman trilogy by Christopher Nolan, his adversary is the Joker played by the late Heath Ledger. At one point the Joker calls himself “Chaos” and of course Batman is a modern day Hercules.

This is the chart for Bale and Ledger for their roles in Batman: Dark Knight. Both are Englishmen not born in England btw. In the synastic charts, we see Lilith in Bale’s chart working with the willfulness of Ledger’s Sun in the 7th house as to why the antagonistic relationship worked so well. We have pegged Ledger at 11 Libra for his Perth Australia birth time — Kepler does not adjust correctly for Australian DST though does have the correct information. Australian based Solar Fire is wrong as well.

We will do a fuller writeup on Ledger in another post.

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