Comedian Tim Conway was born Toma Daniel Conway to two immigrants.  His mother, Sophia Murgoi, was a Romanian immigrant, and his father Daniel Conway, an Irish immigrant.  Dan Conway,  was  a groomer for polo ponies in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and his father hoped his eldest son would follow in his footsteps. 

Tom was born on December 13, 1933 and grew up in nearby Chagrin Falls.

His birth name Toma was the Romanian version of Thomas, but later it was anglicized to Thomas in his childhood — there is no record as to why or when. Later on, for professional reasons, probably the Screen Actor’s Guild as it does not allow two performers to have the same name, he changed it again to Tim to avoid confusion with actor Tom Conway (the Falcon and brother of George Sanders).

Tim & Mary Anne with four of their  six children.  This was photographed at the Conway home.  Kelly, is to the right of her mother; she is the little girl dressed in orange.

Despite not going into the equine field, having grown up with horses, Conway was an avid race horse owner and fan.

Tim was married twice. The first time was to  Mary Anne Dalton from 1961 for 17 years.  She appears in his chart as the Venus in the fourth house squared to Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus in the seventh.   They had  six children.  It was his great shock that she divorced him for “incompatibility.”  His second marriage in was to Charlene Fusco  who is Dark Moon Lilith inconjunct to Venus in the ninth; they had no children.  Charlene outlives him.

This Venus of his, romantic life, money and his acquisitions is sextiled his Mercury, suggestive of  his business acumen and his least aspected planet, to the yod point of Lilith in the ninth.  Despite claims contrary, it would not seem his children were fond of their step mother and saw her as an opportunist.

Seeking Tim Conway

We have rectified Tim to 13 Libra instead of the standard 05 Libra. He is locomotive temperament type opened to the South highlighting his self-sacrificing nature and public acclaim for his work both professionally and privately.

We chose 13 Libra over 05 Libra for various reasons,  primarily the aspect of asteroid Niobe conjunct his Sun — problems with children later in life. This unfortunately came to pass when his daughter Kelly sued,  and  lost the legal battle  for physical control of her father’s healthcare against her step-mother, Charlene.  Tim had developed dementia  in his eighties from normal pressure hydrocephalus, or an abnormal buildup of spinal fluid because of a head trauma, stroke, infection or brain tumor; there is no cure. 

                                                     Tim with wife Charlene

Other aspects of his life also suggested “lighting the morning fire” or keeper of the flame was more apropos Conway than an “orrery slowing turning by a hermit’s hand”,  including Uranus at 24 Aries in the 7th house — as his comic wit played off others than typical stand-up. The key to his comic genius was his use of deadpan comedy or the use of emotional neutrality, wedded to his ability for mimicry and then adding in slapstick improvisation based based on his partner’s response. 

Great examples of this were in his many skits with Carol Brunette in her eponymous show and in McHale’s Navy.  In the latter television series, Ensign Parker and Captain Binghamton (Joe Flynn) are a tour de force of comedy,  each playing off each and other trying as one tries to get the best laugh at the others expense. 

In Conway’s chart we see this with his Pluto in the 10th house of career aspirations,  opposite Mars and Dark Moon Lilith in the 4th (the two are our header photo). Mars here is in its detriment, so so it would seem his father did not approve of his son’s career choices.  This displeasure was mitigated by Tim’s Grand Square of Uranus in the seventh and Jupiter in Libra in the first, showing Tim’s ability to dissipate that displeasure by a very buoyant and playful demeanor  — literally he made light of it, and charmed everyone else into seeing his potential.

                                                          Kelly and her father Tim Conway

Another asset Conway had that he used well was his facial control that made his features like silly putty, changing it from happy smiles to sudden misery or shock and dismay to happiness again. Jupiter in the first house at 18 Libra  58 , and also his most aspected planet, lies opposite Uranus in Libra is  helped by his fast mental chemistry, allowing him to anticipate audience responses and respond to them happily. 

His North Node is in the creative 5th house in Aquarius makes the native good people watchers.  They spend their free time pondering the possibilities of other people’s action and then their reactions to situations around them. This allowed him to have a repertoire of characters at hand, almost like a pattern dictionary, upon which he could use.  The North Node here makes their native  ingenuous, but alas  not very practical with money or friends —  for they  follow their heart in both matters.

Tim Conway reposed on May 14 2019. Happily for us, we have re-runs.

Updates:  This post was updated and checked on 21 April 2023.

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