Gustave Ador data is incorrect in the Jones 1000 — his birthday is reckoned to be November 23, 1895 in Geneva, canton of Geneva, Switzerland, but it is really a month later, December 23, 1845. Jones states that was born at 1 am we are going with an ascendant of Taurus 02 and 1 pm.

Gustave Ador at 1pm on December 23 1845. The HS is “a ship’s compass” with the keyword Orientation highlighting his ability to see the long term benefits of government for all people.

His grandfather emigrated to Geneva from Vaud, an agricultural canton, many years earlier but received his Genevan citizenship in 1814.

Vaud, Switzerland

Ador left local political scene on June 26 1917 and entered the Swiss federal government but his real contribution to European politics was in February 1920 when in he called for legitimatizing the status of the million Tsarist refugees into Switzerland and indeed all of Europe. He urged the Council to appoint a commissioner to handle the issue as the League was the ‘only supernational political authority capable of solving a problem which is beyond the power of purely humanitarian organisations’.

This ‘a humanitarian duty’ he continued was an ‘obligation of international justice, ’ in the same manner prisoners-of-war were managed during the First World War. (League of Nations, Official Journal, March-April 1921, p. 227) The Council listened and created a high commissioner for refugees, Norwegian Fridtjof Nansen, the North Atlantic explorer turned statesmen, who created the Nansen passport system to allow the movement of refugees throughout Europe. The Soviet government did not recognize the League of Nations but negotiated with Nansen personally, and in September 1922 he reported to the third assembly of the League that his task was completed and 427,886 prisoners of war were repatriated. Ador’s vision was complete.

Charting Ador

President Ador is a lipped bowl scooping up his various resources with Jupiter in Taurus at 01 and then distilling them through the lens of transformative Pluto before coming up with a unique method for government to address the issue. With Neptune at 23.49 in the 11th house he was a natural humanitarian and conjunct his PoF at 20.19 he had great faith in his fellow man.

He has no water in his chart, and his Mental chemistry is typical, thus it was not through logic that he made his great speech to the League of National Executive Council but through his Taurean Venus on the 11th house cusp — his concern for the welfare of people.

Ador’s north node is Scorpio (creative rebirth) in the 8th house crystallizing how he overcame his provincial background and rose to a world leader . Dr. Korparkar writes that this person is someone whose ” previous incarnation was a routine who resisted change” but from the force of events like a phoenix reborn sees what other’s miss and becomes their champion.

He died on March 31, 1928 in his hometown of Geneva, our header image, on his Uranus return.

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