Harry is a Moon bucket in the 4th house that rules that house because of Cancer — his mother Princess Diana but also here in Taurus is in its exaltation — probably why he is a good looker. This aspect also shows a strong connection to his late Mum. His Sun is in the 8th House ruled by Mars square it in the 11th. There is a tendency like her for him to die unexpectedly.

Prince Harry’s official birth time was used for this chart. I thought of it today as for Father’s Day Harry released a photo of him and Archie. I was surprised that GB was celebrating the same day as us, Australia celebrates it in September .

Harry has a Capricorn ascendant in the 11th house, showing his tendency to be attracted to dark complexion women who are in the public eye, and we know how that worked out. Another striking this is how the Galactic Center is between his Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius, highlighting his military travels around the world, but also gives some credence to him and his wife wanting to leave England and live elsewhere where he will get more notice. Right now he is under the shadow of his brother, the future King, and his Mars near the Galactic Center shows that does not settle well with him.

Dr. Gordon cites that the ascendant Capricorn 12 tends to choose self-exile because of their aspiring and ambitious natures. Jones writes about that degree that it is a “student of nature learning and lecturing.” His Midheaven at 18 Scorpio, ruled by Mars only a semisextile away, is a “woods rich with autumnal coloring,” a definite remark about his looks, rich in golds and oranges. Jones writes that this degree desires success in every area of his life dramatizing it in the consummation of self-interest.

His NN is in Taurus gives him a physically affectionate personality but encourages his Mars in the 11th being inconjunct and making him jealous and envious according to Dr. Koparkar. It also gave him a close relationship with an overly protective mother and he would expect the same of his wife and mother of his children. His South Node in the 10th makes him an extrovert that resists control by others and a tendency despite logic to feel that he is the center of all situations around him. Hence with his Mars/Galactic Center semi sextile next door, he needs a partner that gets a lot of attention so he can eclipse that and feel securer adds Haydn Paul.

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  • The chart is from Janus 5.1 that has seen a serious decline in ui friendliness.
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