This time does not match ET.

After reading Randy Taborelli’s bio of Elizabeth Taylor, I noticed that she has two birth-times. One is 2:30 AM in London and the other is 7:56 in the evening that was rectified by Adrienne Ziegler and the Church of Light. There are several things wrong with Ziegler’s rectification but the most striking is Taylor does not have a Grand Trine in Water with the Ziegler chart, a salient feature of Ms. Taylor’s life (always crying, pouting, yelling and throwing tantrums) and of course her remarkable beauty (that a Grand Trine bestows).

The 2:30 AM OTOH has the Grand Water Trine and makes her a lovely splay temperament type. At this time Taylor gets a 15 Sagittarius (Two dutch children talking, a degree of confidence in any situation) rising; with Ziegler’s chart she had 04 Libra (a group around the campfire the symbol of her amiability and morale building skills, just ask Debbie Reynolds about that).

Pick this time for ET’s birth chart. It works.

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