from the San Francisco Examiner, 9171932 pg 11.

Marc Edmund Jones on September 17, 1932 gave a talk to the Metaphysical Library . We are picking 9 AM since we know that neither Jones nor the other metaphysicians went to services that day. The bi-wheel below is Marc’s natal chart and the lecture time.

Apropos to the topic, the lecture gets a humanistic splash temperament type. The Part of Fortune, (see here for discussion of point 2 the PoF in Jones’s 16 points) at 4 Gemini (SS Holly and Mistletoe a symbol of “maximum encouragement of human personality on the subjective side of life’s continual stimulus to the richness of personal sharing) for the talk is opposite his Jupiter found in its own Lord in the 10th House.

Overall it would seem that Jones was quite successful in reaching out and getting new members for his fledging Sabian Assembly.

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