John L. Burgess is listed by Marc Jones as having been born May 1, 1899 at 12:09 pm at Ozark, Missouri. Even the late Donna Cunningham’s Astrologer’s memorial has nothing on him and Rodden quotes Jones.

With his ascendant is 19 Leo — (SS) a houseboat party, Burgess is a typical see-saw temperament type; Jansky calls this an hourglass btw. Both agree that this type shifts his priorities with the occasion and his Sabian ascendant symbol makes him a congenial man no matter how the wind was blowing.

Burgess has his North Node in Capricorn in the 5th House showing that despite in the house of entertainment, he was a prudent and reflective astrologer; he did not make wild extravagant guess with his clients charts nor probably with his own life. There is according to George Muchery’s 1927 opus, the Astrology in the Tarot, a chance of serious lung trouble and bronchial problems.

Isabel Hickey writes that this gives good business acumen as the native decides to be an entrepreneur and not go the standard employee route. Without knowing more it is hard to say definitely if either were true though we do know with the Moon in Capricorn, where it is in detriment, in the sixth house, he had to scramble to make ends meet.

Our featured image is of his hometown.