Countess Sheila Birkenhead was born on May 13, 1913 at 9:50 AM in Weybridge England. Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols cites that data as does Mrs. Lois Rodden, probably from him. She was the daughter of the newspaper proprietor 1st Viscount Camrose, and married the 2nd Earl of Birkenhead in 1935. They had two children.

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The Birkenheads were a distinguished literary couple: she was a key figure in the Royal Society of Literature and the Keats-Shelley Association as well as a biographer of 19th century literary and artistic life. She was a courtier, she was lady-in-waiting to Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

Hay Wrightson did the photographic portrait above in 1931.

Countess Birkenhead’s ascendant is 10 Leo. Below is her chart with Percy Bysshe Shelley since she did so much work on his legacies behalf. There are several conjunctions in the 1st from his ascendant to her Venus and then from his Ascendant that is partile her literary Mercury. Then again in the 7th House where her Part of Fortune is opposite the previous aspects and conjunct his (Muse) Neptune.

bi-wheel between Shelley to Birkenhead

Her North Node is in Aries that Dr. Koparkar writes signifies that Countess Birkenhead’s previous incarnation was luxurious and that good things in her life were her main pursuit. Now in the 12th house, it is in the house of “moksha” or final liberation where she needs to devote herself to something greater than herself in a form of service to some ideal. Her south node in Libra in the sixth gives her great health and the ability to work hard but alaso a tendency of impatience with delays.

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