Reading the AFA Archives, I ran across an article, What about Capricorns? It gives several comments, some with dates and times, some without about “typical sea-goats.” Gregory is the first of the lot, said to be born January 3, 1902 at 6:10 in the morning in Bangor Maine. It must have been frosty there that day.

The writer describes him as medium build, with good features, exceptionally large eyes, & plenty of hair.  His ascendant is 26 Sagittarius (HS) right on the 12th house cusp, “an atomic chronometer” the attribute of invention whether it be of something or of himself. Greg is “not the educated type, but he lost one fortune in manufacturing and now has a lucrative job in which he meets the public and is extremely well liked”(Pluto opposite Uranus and via translation of light opposite the ascendant in the 11th house; Pluto is conjunct the Ascendant).

Gregory has been married three times. The writer mentions he knows two of the three wives, and Gregory was not only demonstratively affectionate and generous with them during their marriage but also their divorce (Venus in Aquarius, 2nd house). He is always well dressed and almost model-like in his coiffure and attire. Even during work never has a hair out of place. Gregory has a “strong sense of humor, but a little on the dead-pan side”  (Neptune in Gemini, 6th house).

Gregory’s nodes

As  we are highlighting this month the nodes, Gregory’s is in the tenth house in Scorpio. Bernice Prill Grebner (May 23, 1922 Peoria to Jan 4, 2011 Peoria, Illinois) writes that with this placement, “a vocation should be followed, sometimes to the point of sacrificing home and domestic life and this means working for or with the public in some way.”

Astrologer Bernice Prill Grebner alas, is not listed in the Astrologer’s Memorial

Naturally, the influence of all of these nodal positions in the houses is dependent upon the signs involved. and here in Scorpio suggests he makes a good impression and lasting impression with people he meets and that is a large part of his career success.

The South Node being in the fourth suggests that at home he wants a life as “perfect as what he portrays publicly and may bring about several marriages until he finds the right person who can provide a peaceful quiet life there where he is never troubled.”


  • 1. American Federation of Astrologers, Today’s Astrologer, More about Capricorns by Sabian astrologer Margaret Morrell, volume 11, issue ii, page 19.
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  • Miss Morrell was also instrumental in Marc Jones’s Problem Solving for Horary Astrology, available on ebay for about $13.00 from the Amazon-owned Thriftbooks and his Astrology: How and Why it works also on for $3.50. We profile the astrologer here.