Caracas, Venezuela — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has called for a military uprising in what he dubbed the “final phase” of his bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro – or as he named it, “Operation Freedom.” Currently there are 22,000 Cuban soldiers in Venezuela to support Maduro and Guaido is calling for an insurrection against them. (update 5.3 Guaido’s call for help failed.)


“The moment is now,” he said, as his political mentor Lopez and several heavily armed soldiers backed by a single armored vehicle looked on. See the newscast from CBS News here.

Who is Senor Guaido?

Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez was born July 28, 1983, La Guaira, Venezuela. He declared himself the interim president of Venezuela on January 23, 2019 justifying himself by the allegedly fraudulent 2018 election of Nicolás Maduro. His ascendant is the same as Vice President Joseph Biden, but his temperament type is a bucket with a Moon handle.

Born and bred in La Guaira, a small but important port city in a densely populated urban strip on the Caribbean coast, some 20 miles (30 km) northwest of Caracas, Guaido grew up in a middle-class Roman Catholic family. His father was a commercial pilot, and mother, a preschool teacher and homemaker were divorced. In December 1999, devastating mudslides occurred in the state of Vargas and other areas in the northern part of the country where he lived.

Guaidó attended Los Corales Institute, a private school near his home, before matriculating at the Jesuit-administered Andrés Bello Catholic University (Universidad Católica Andrés Bello; UCAB) in Caracas,. He graduated with a degree in industrial engineering similar to what the current to Miguel Diaz Canel, the current Cuban leader. He also studied public administration at the Institute of Advanced Management Studies (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración; IESA) in Caracas.

the May day rally to faithful

                                                                          Rise to Fame

When Venezuelan Pres. Hugo Chávez accused the popular private network Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV) of violating broadcast laws, refused to renew its license, and replaced it with a state-run broadcaster in 2007, Guaidó became one of the organizers of the student protest movement that sprang up in response to this censorship of the press.

As part of the so-called Generation of 2007, he was a founding member and the national executive secretary of the Youth for Social Democracy. He also was a founder of the pacifist organization Quiero Paz, and in 2009 he helped establish the Popular Will (Voluntad Popular) party, which pledged to “build a more secure, united and prosperous country where everyone will be entitled to all rights.”

Opposition Leader Juan Guadio of Venezuela is called for Freedom.  But do the charts suggest the same?
Tertiary Progression for Guaido’s call from Natal Ascendant is 24 Pisces  Interesting how his Moon focal determinator is in the sixth house as he calls for Venezuelan public to come out, support and work for freedom from the Maduro communist regime.  What his political agenda beyond Maduro’s overthrow is unknown though we suspect he is going for a democratic-socialist reform.


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