#120 The voyage of Ernesto Bozanno

Ernesto Bozzano born January 9, 1862 in Genoa Italy. He did have a formal education but was home schooled and then self-taught. Like Marc Edmund Jones, he was impressed by the philosophical idea of Herbert Spencer and took an interest in psychic research writing more than than 60 books and 200 papers on the subject. He attributed paranormal phenomena to the survival of the human soul particularly in the deathbed phenomena i.e. life after death or out of body experiences.

Article on Signor Bozzano’s work from Carlos Alvardo who maps oob experiences.

Jones has his time for 4:08 am. We think that is a degree too fast, and pushed it back to Sagittarius 01.

Signor Bozanno’s chart at Sagittarius 01 January 9 1862, Genoa

Deciphering Bozanno

Signor Bozanno is a locomotive temperament type — while he almost fills the chart completely with his 10 planets, he has one two many conjunctions to be a splash. A splash temperament would be a good fit for the Signore as it is the most outward activated type in the Jones seven types, with the Bundle being the direct opposite but the splash can only have at the most, two conjunctions in its maps and Bozanno has three. The first is from Mercury to Sun in the first house, the second from the Moon to Pluto in the fifth and third, the deal breaker here, is in the tenth with the Line of Social Significance (Jupiter to Saturn); hence the Splash is out.

The other Grand Trine possibility is the Splay but they do have any oppositions in their chart — Bozanno has two — but instead are dominated by the obstructive square. By process of elimination, Bozanno is a locomotive with the Western side of his chart wide open making him the reluctant hero in his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

This leadership is highlighted by his South Node in the seventh house that Isabel Hickey writes, “shows there is too much emphasis on leaning on others and letting them run their life. He is pulled this way, and then that, but he must make his own decisions not only what to do, but how to respond and whether his search is right or wrong.”

As in Lady Bird Johnson’s chart, the remedy to his South Node crisis, lies in his North Node, that lies in the first house and where astrologer Martin Schuman writes ” that the native must let go of other’s demands and allow his Self to experience its own birth, and then like Columbus (also a Genoa native) discovering America will reach the awareness that he had been all the time searching.”

For his pioneering work, Signor Bozanno was named an honorary member of the American Society for Psychical Research (NYC) and the French Institut Métapsychique International (Paris).

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