Leonard Borwick (26 February 1868 – 15 September 1925) was an English concert pianist especially associated with the music of Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms.

Early training and debuts

Borwick was born in Walthamstow, Essex — East London on the River Lea — of a Staffordshire family that relocated that for business. He studied piano under Henry R. Bird; violin and viola under Alfred Gibson and then specialised in piano with Clara Schumann at her Hoch Conservatory, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

While on leave from Clara Schumann’s school in the 1880s Borwick met the baritone Harry Plunket Greene while playing at Arthur Chappell’s house in London. Chappell was the owner the major piano manufacturer, Chappell & Co., at 50 New Bond Street in London and often had young pianists come to his home for recitals sometimes publishing their works if popular enough (Gilbert and Sullivan was one of their greatest hits).

Plunket Greene knew of Borwick through his older brother, as they had attended the Jewish boarding school Clifton College in Bristol together and introduced himself. A natural friendship grew up between the two s that later developed into a musical partnership.

Marc Jones incorrectly states that his name is “Borwich,” and not Borwick. All other details are correct and he gives the time of 7 am. We could not find enough information to rectify it further, so the chart stands with a Pisces 08 ascendant. He is bucket with a Saturn handle and with the North Node in his sixth house, loved his work. He has a strong preponderance on the eastern side of his chart showing how well he used his experiences in life for his advancement.

His music can be found on the BBC click here though it seem to me more Plunket Greene. Perhaps I did not listen enough. He died on September 15, 1925 in Lemans, France.