President Jimmy Carter, the United States 39th President, is now our oldest living president since George H. Bush passed away in December. He was born October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia at the Wise Sanitarium where his mother was a registered nurse (RN). He attended the Georgia Southwestern College , US Naval Academy at Annapolis & Georgia Institute of Technology

Highlights of President Carter’s chart.

  • His ascendant is (HS) 02 Scorpio — ‘a hierophant’ — the deep human need for a spiritual leader who invokes the divine for praise and glory.
  • He pardoned every single conscientious objector from the Vietnam war.
  • He created the Department of Energy (Mars in the fourth) and Education (Pluto in the ninth)
  • He tied American foreign aid to human rights.
  • His Line of Vitality is semisextile.
    • His father died young while his mother, Miss Lillian, lived to a great age.
  • His Line of Efficiency is in opposition.
  • His Line of Motivation is absent.
  • His Line of Culture is inconjunct.
  • He is a fan-handle temperament type similar to JFK.
  • His midheaven is (HS) 10 Leo — a flickering tv monitor — a regular person living in an imperfect world.
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