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Charles E. O. Carter the great British astrologer, says that the key in working with murder charts is understanding where they put the bodies, and why they chose them, so we know how to find them. He worked with the London police and did, much to his credit, apprehend several criminals; Carter had a rare talent.

For Picushkin , we set the chart to sunrise in Mytischi, a suburb of Moscow, Russia. To rectify it would require more information than we have and so would be akin to cheating. In reality we would not even have the murderer’s chart all, just the day of the homicides — unfortunately the magazine article (see below) does not supply that so cannot fully devolve the murder but only understand the murderer — we have not read the article, just the headlines.

The crazy cross in Red

Starting with the crazy cross in red, the Sun is opposite Uranus, suggesting a morbid and perverse character. As the Sun at 19 Aries is conjunct the ascendant at 17 Aries the two oppositions are related via a translation of light: so Uranus is also opposite both the Ascendant and the Sun. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, and has an affinity for metal, fear and stealth.

Uranus is also conjunct the eighth house cusp where Mars is exalted, so we must believe that either the victims are buried in an unusual place or killed with a shovel or knife. However they are murdered, the bodies are not found but hidden; Pluto in the seventh encourages that idea sextile Neptune tells us water is involved. For whatever reason, Edgar Allan Poe’s macabre story Pit and the Pendulum comes to mind.

The Moon in Scorpio is just sextile to the Part of Fortune at 19 Virgo — (HS) vacant rooms in an old hotel — in the sixth house, the place of servants and small animals i.e. dogs and cats.Perhaps he asks them to go with him to see the dog? Or help him get the dog out of the pound giving them a hard luck story? As the part of fortune is also semisextile Uranus it seems important but we cannot figure out how.

Mercury on the first house cusp at 27 Pisces tells us he wants to be caught, it is his overwhelming desire, because he cannot stop, killing is his mission, his job, his life. But how would we find him? I tend to think at bars or pubs places that involve gambling and drink, but I get the feeling that this also could be Moscow as a whole and cannot pinpoint anything further, other games of skill versus chance. Maybe that last bit is something.

Venus is also in Pisces in the twelfth. Perhaps he went to a day school or was raised in an orphanage. There is something communal about his childhood but also fearful. Maybe he was bullied.

Since we feel he frequents bars or places where people gather, talk a lot of nonsense and drink maybe if we zone in on his appearance we may have something. Our killer is of middle height, blue eyes, thin hair, sharp nose, prematurely balding so maybe he went for the buzz cut look — he likes metal so perhaps he dresses with it or in shades of it. His job could be trucker, a mechanic, a welder. Nothing there helps much, but I do think that the appearance is something and if we piece all these somethings together maybe we could have found him though it would have been hard work.

He seems rather indistinguishable except he is a braggart. Maybe he brags to the other men about “having” these women and they do not realize what he means, maybe he brags about that “old dog,” but its not an old dog but an older man, on his mother’s side, who was good to him that is morphed into a dog. How that would help we have not a clue and while we have a lot of little things we have nothing that would bring in him. Pity we have no murder dates.

Well, this is our best shot. Perhaps you could do better.

PS. After posting this I decided to go and look at the asteroids for more help; Carter did not use them but he had the murder dates.

  1. He has the Welsh god of the Underworld partile his Uranus does not give us much except for supporting this is a murderer’s chart.
  2. The next asteroid, Hebe, should help with the other “somethings” we found” : Hebe, the goddess of drink, is found at 10 Leo trine 10 Neptune in Sagittarius — drinking is involved and they “drunkenly” travel to where he kills them.
  3. Eros is partile Jupiter at 7 Pisces suggests his gives him a sexual high so this is the reason he does it — he gets off on it. Why he started? Mars conjunct Saturn suggest the first was because of his hair-trigger temper but through that first murder, he found the Eros-Jupiter connection to perpetuate the killing.

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