Nora no strings attached

Nora, a friend of ours with some of her details are obscured at her request, is a humanist splash temperament type.  She was born in Buffalo New York the same day as Elvis Presley, around 10 o’clock in the evening. Her the ascendant of 14 Virgo or a “family tree,” but opposed by her Moon and instead suggests the problems.

In Splashes, oppositions are important but Nora gets one immediately, with her Piscean Moon opposite her Neptune and Ascendant. Neptune is its its detriment in Virgo, making her critical of family ties and traditions. Instead, she prefers an utopian world where people are united by their own philosophical commonality and not blood and kinship. While her fifth house has a stellium by Capricorn and Aquarius planets break it up, thus blunting its force and desires.

Her Moon is fast, so Nora sees trends but her Mercury lags its Sun and so she will often misinterpret their relevance to her life or look for the most bohemian, and not the most lucrative, she can find. Venus, for her daughters in the 5th, is in Aquarius and so instead of warm bonds based on maternal concern, they get cool indifference — they have little in common and so it strains their relationship. With nothing in her 7th house but the shadows of Mars coming from Libra, divorce was inevitable. That does not matter devotion and loyalty is not possible, it is, but it is earned, not freely given.

Her North Node is right next to her Venus so if she applies herself, she will get her ambition because she has good organisational skills, but with the South Node in Leo next to Pluto, her strong ego has to be tamed if she wants to get along with others, or succeed in her chosen field, but the South Node – Pluto battle of the wills is rough on her; she realizes she needs others for companionship, for business, her children (in opposition) but resents whatever they give her and belittles them in return ( Moon opposite Pluto).

The best advice we can give Nora it if strings are attached, and typically in everything there are some, it is best that use Admiral Farragut’s advice and “Damn the torpedoes” and go it alone. If that means using her own resources, Mars in the 2nd house in Libra suggests she hates to part with them, she should and not be beholden to anyone. She and they will be happier that way.

We have updated this essay to reflect Nora’s revised Ascendant of 16 Virgo; previously it was Virgo 03.

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